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Description: One of the based physics game of conduction more addictive and never entertained has become! And it is free!

Meet Bill Newton, the young uphill suction runner. It is on the verge of embarking in a trip that takes it to where no stroll has been never. With little respect to the laws of the physics, Newton Bill will not rest until she has conquered the highest hills until in the moon!

Against the challenges of unique surroundings to scale the hill with many different cars. He gains advantages of bold tricks and to gather the currencies to improve your car and to still arrive at distances majors. It has nevertheless well-taken care of - the robust neck of Bill is not what used to be when it was a boy! And its good incinerating old gasoline will work easily without fuel.

- Many of the different vehicles with unique improvements (many different vehicles: motorcycle, truck, jeep, tank, etc.)
- Actualizables Pieces include motor, suspension, rims and 4WD
- Numerous stages with levels to reach in each (Field, Desert, the Arctic and Moon +++)
- Joint party your score with a screenshot with your friendly!
- Graphical fresh and simulation of the smooth physics
- Designed for it turns in low resolution and devices of hi-res well (incl tablets.)
- Sound I disturb real when updating its motor!

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We would be thankful if it would give a report on any problem that it is having with the game for support@fingersoft.net, please includes its brand and model of device.

What has again
- New level: Boot Camp
- New languages:
- Korean
- Chinese Traditional
- Dutch
- Malay
- Hindi
- Thai
- Turkish

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