It requires: 2.3+

Synopsis: * The Premium version of adventures of Shiva.
* Not ads.
* Destruction God Shiva begins in cash with the base of payment 20.
* The update is preferred that the gratuitous version.

It proves a variety of abilities for a multitude monster.

Monster is an opportunity to take the production from gold in the farm of Shiva.

Please, to pick up the increase of the level of ability of gold and to update the damages and critical blow.

In order to explore the dungeon by the powerful Shiva Obtener the articles and seukilbuk.

Please, a followed monster takes itself to hunt monsters indiscriminately.

The monsters take this gold more increases the production.

All the registries in the game to compete with another yujyeo to Google Play classification.

* We constantly updated for interesting games indie.
* We are going to follow the diversion in the roll game.

* The data game cannot be eliminated when preserving, please retires with care.

What has again
* Destruction of the God Shiva appeared like a new glance.
new dungeons have been created *.
* One has added new elements.
* Stage difficulty has been fit to a great extent.
(Those that broke the scene in a certain stage are optional.)
(It is not clear in the present stage of the adjustment difficulty)
* Scene ranking stays.
* This special characteristic will be to improve level 15.
* If you have some question, please she sends an e-mail We will respond quickly. Thanks.

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