It requires: Android 4.0+

Summary: The most addictive tower of defense game returns in a new adventure prestrains - Welcome to Kingdom Rush: Origins!

Characteristics of the game
★ Vuelva to introduce the world of Kingdom Rush: to visit the mysterious forests elves, kingdoms faery magician and floating ruins of one even old metropolis!
★ Desata the power of the elves with new towers name brand and the troops! Elf Archers, Mystic Magical, Stone druids and the Infantry of Elven constitute the spine of their army.
★ Descubre eight new specialized updates tower with more than 18 abilities! Vanquish to your enemies with gunners animated elves, bears runic, magicians, magic, using and trees even giant.
★ to take the arms against 30 new types from enemies and to participate in epic battles! Hordes Expensive of gnolls, giant spiders, and the army terrible Twilight.
★ Masterful and to update nine legendary heroes and their incredible powers and spells!
★ lightning Rain, to summon reinforcements, and to use the unique power of each hero to destroy tens of enemies!
★ Submerges to you in hours of game with more than 70 profits, with three ways of difficulty for the novices and veterans the same.
★ Juega different ways from game - classic, heroic Plate and - and to demonstrate his was worth like a teacher of the tactics.
★ Compra equipment new and improved using its gems hard won in a store of renewed Gnome.
★ Study of its enemies and their towers with an encyclopedia in the game.

You have wondered how to the Twilight Elves managed to surpass our defenses and to invade our precious capital? Now you can!
You will be taken care of by two powerful allies!
BRUCE the man lion. Captain of the Real Guard, always arranged to give vent to its fury against any invader and destroyed to them with its powerful claws.
LILITH Fallen Angel. It will not pause before anything to overcome all evil using a combination of both celestial and profane powers.
Also she includes corrections of errors and some red-balance smaller.

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