It requires: 2.0+

From the creators of the Sims ™ 3 series of movable sold games more, comes COMPLETE Sims experience that can be played free in Android.

** Celebrating the vacations of winter with Google Play! **
★ Free Unites you to the Sims festivals Hour! ★
TO LIVE FREE! IT PLAYS FREE! From the creators of the Sims ™ 3 series of greater sale of movable games comes complete Sims experience that can free be played on its intelligent telephone or tablet!
THE CRITICS He enchants to me!
“★★★★★… the Sims FreePlay is everything what can wish a Sims game freemium that is.” (Gamezebo)
“10/10… one of the most addictive games and highly polished available and there is no excuse so that any person not to unload it; mainly because he is free to play (the key is in the title)”. (God is friki)
“… A pile of hours of excellent diversion… in, a nonexistent one, price.” (148Apps)
** The Sims FreePlay is a game of high inmersiva quality. It considers that requires 350MEGABYTE + unloading and more or less 1200MEGABYTE + free space in the device. In order to accelerate the things, the connection to WiFi is recommended. **
IT LETS THE FREEPLAY BEGIN! To create up to 31 CUSTOMIZED SIMS of feet to head, and…
- Complete Houses with swimming pools and several plants Building dream
- We go to your Sims marry, the babies do, and soon to see them grow in small, preadolescent and adolescent children
- He visits his true Sim friendly towns! He completes the objectives, form new relations and to compare the abilities of design of interiors of his friendly against yours!
- Taken care of mascots, to grow gardens, to even bake a pie
- Give to your Sims races and to gain Simoleons to improve his situation
- Complete Goals for Points of lifestyle, and soon to spend them in articles of the hip
- It lives with your Sims in real time (when it is by day or at night for you, you are the same for its Sims)!
… And mainly, it plays free!
Su Sims to be friendly - or enemy? To establish relations with a slap, to five of stop, or some Woohoo! It makes his bullicio of the city with stores of mascots, the concessionaires of automobiles, and supermarkets. It extends his city as more Sims.
To be free, Sims! To be free! The possibilities are limitless!

What has again
Prepare you for a weekend of bonfires to roast, wild encounter, and times of the night by the fire!
- Deer Primavera communitarian solar Falls outdoors opens from level 11.
- “Gave her how it happened” to the new Narrative pastime!
- To spend one night under stars in tents that are in the encamped zone of.
- Canoes, days of field, fauna, cascades, and the adventure is hoping!
- It outdoors shares his adventures at home with stock-market to sleep and to toast fire well prizes per limited time!

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