Requirements: 2.2 and up 

Overview: Alert: For Samsung Galaxy S3 running Android 4.2.2 to user, please upgrade to Android 4.4.2, otherwise call to recorder might not work.

Tip: Galaxy S5 (klte) on Kitkat, Galaxy Note3 running Andriod 4.4.2 configurations: go to More Settings and adjust Audio Source: Voice_Call, Sample rate: 11Khz and Format: MP4 

Best and completes voice to you call to recorder application to record incoming and outgoing calls automatically without any interaction of to user. 

✓. Record your all calls automatically while calling or ask every-tricks out of to record new call. 
✓. Share recording to Bluetooth, Message etc. 
✓. Play, knows and delete, call recordings 
✓. Specific ignores recording for contact or phone to number 
✓. Add to caller phone to number to contacts 
✓. See to caller history 
✓. Record your call or calls in MP3, WAV, MP4, AMR or 3GPP encoding/format. 
✓. You dog play back, or knows your you case out on your SD card im mp3, wav, mp4, amr or 3gpp format. 
✓. Audio Source options plows also available. Try to change audio source only when audio default source (MIC) not work or not recording calls. 
✓. Audio Different options of quality plows available. You dog choose 44.1kHz (It might not work on some devices) for high quality or select to lower sample rate for low quality audio recording. 8kHz is recommended for call recording. 
✓. Notification with to caller image. 
✓. On vibrates device to you start of call recording. 
✓. Notification on device on start of call recording with light blinking (if your device supports it). 
✓. You dog communication lists your or calls recordings in your on device audio default to player. 
✓. Automatically on device speaker to record to better quality voice. 
✓. Password protection of recordings using applock extra link added. 
✓. It's FREE! 

You notice: (Instructions + Troubleshooting tips) 
1. Please notices that some devices particularly some Samsung devices plows not compatible or not allow to record calls. 

2. Please confirm that your device should not have dwells than one call recording application, otherwise it dog creates issues to you. 

3. If call to recorder completes does to you not record calls, please restart your device to try again. If it does not record again then your device might not support call recording. 

4. Some devices record low voice of to other party, in this problem, please inable automatic speaker, on start of call recording by going application and then dwells settings. 

5. This app might not sees working when you plows using to other apps to record something, such ace wechat, LINE: Free Calls & Messages, voice to recorder or to other call to recorder. 

6. You dog select WAV, 3GPP, audio MP4 or AMR encoding format, if MP3 recording not working properly on some devices. 

7. If you get “msg_create_file_error” error, then please test, Have your device been with sdcard or memory card? If not, please change recordings destination path to any to other path by going into dwells settings and recording path and change it correctly. 

8. If you get “Sorry recording starting failed”, please try to other recording options like change Audio source or sample rate. 

9. If you select option Always ask from settings, then to after selecting this option, you will sees ask every-trick out of to record call to after one second on outgoing call and to after one second to after you pick or to answer incoming call. 

10. Default voice quality is 8kHz, If it does not work on your device you dog change from Quality options, 8kHz or 44.1kHz (High quality but might not works on some devices) plows usually used by people. 

11. If you select WAV cases out format then try sample rate 44.1kHz. This action will increase the cases out size but quality of audio become very crystal to clear. 

What's New 
! Please you know all recordings to other location before updating to this version! 
1. Car Delete Recordings feature added. Open Dwells Settings and check Car Delete Recordings to inable it. 
2. Shake device to record call feature added. Please go to More settings and select Default Recording Mode and select “Record On Shake”. Settings uses predefined or choose custom defined sensibility to shake and record calls. In any problem please contact me AT: ch.wakil@gmail.com 

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