It requires: 2.3+

Description: The world was peacefully eternal, until an identified monster did not open the heart of King Demonio.

Now, John the coward wants to defeat the demonic Legion with the purpose of to save the world. He is going to be successful? Everything depends on you!

■ Brave John is an impelled history, RPG of action. As history advances, it is necessary to clear each stage a series of different ways, including missions, the defense, and the duels.

■ This game tells on a simple structure that it is controlled easily with a hand. In front of strong monsters head it will require great center, by all means.

■ If you wish to learn abilities, to buy arms, or to change his work, to go to the place of the town!

■ This game supports four languages, including Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese. With luck, we supported many more languages in the future!

■ Characteristic 60 stages. it is possible to be enjoyed the first 12 stages free.

■ Data of Game keeps locally, if it eliminates the application of all their progress, but the purchase is lost.

The world was peacefully eternal. Last could this?
It hopes and only it looks. The new history is developed before.

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