After the battle against Bills the God of the destruction, Earth La Paz sees again it jeopardize when two survivors of the forces of Freeza, Sorbet and Tamago, visit our planet in search of the dragoon balls. Its objective is to relive to Freeza to recover its empire. The worse desire of history is fulfilled and an appeared again Freeza begins to plot its revenge against Goku and the other saiyans… And this way, the new army of Freeza advances until the Earth, with Gohan, Piccolo and Krilin facing thousands of soldiers. Goku and Vegeta defy to Freeza to a predestined duel, without knowledge that this account with a new increase of being able overwhelming.

Information of the animated film:

Title: Dragoon Ball Z: Resurrection F

Original title: Dragoon Ball Z: Fukkatsu nonF

Sort: Animation, Action, Adventures, Comedy, Fantasy

Nationality: Japan

Year: 2015

Director: Tadayoshi Yamamuro

Script: Akira Toriyama

Distribution: Sean Schemmel, Todd Haberkorn, Christopher Sabat, Monica Rial, Jason Douglas, Colleen Clinkenbeard, Kyle Hebert, Eric Are worth, Chuck Huber, Masako Nozawa, Mayumi Tanaka, Ian Sinclair, Chris Ayres, Kazuya Nakai, Sony Strait

Type of file: mp4

Audio: Latin Spanish

audio Latin

*** Also I leave torrent in Audio Português ***

Information of torrent:

Duração: 96 min

Qualidade: HDCAM

Format: ABI

Tamanho: 513 Megabyte

Language: Português do Brazil

torrent Portuguese

*** And the subtitles in Spanish that not yet are finished, until the minute 00:26 ***

subtitles Spanish

*** Dragoon Pornographic Ball Z ***

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