It requires: 4.0+

Summary: In TinyKeep the players will embrace the paper of a deep irremediable prisoner been pleased in a forgotten jail that a day awakes until being mysteriously released.

His rescuer is the nothing that to see, but the door of the cell is broken and half-opened, touching with the sweet aroma of the freedom. With nothing else that a parpadeante lantern and a strange letter left by their companion in, must be ventured in the darkness and save TinyKeep!

Lure monsters in the traps, to strike on fire torches to set afire the jail and to establish gratuitous that prisoners will help you in your way. Enemies will work together in groups to hunt down, and some will flee from threats. Also it can take advantage from the rivalries of monsters and take them one against the other, while it waits for behind a corner as the resulting chaos produces. There are many ways to survive in TinyKeep.

[Basic characteristicses]
* Procedural generated random dungeons - of bet he is not always the same!
* Taken care of with the step, since it can be the last one! Extremely difficult Permadeath game
* It explores a variety of beautiful but mortal atmospheres. Of cold the viscous walls of the dungeon to boxes ardent I warm up of hell, TinyKeep is a visual delight.
* It battles a variety of intelligent enemies, each deciding to make his possible most difficult escape. Creatures work together to persecute down, to flee from the threats and to fight to each other by the dominion.
* It uses environmental traps and dangers to his advantage - fire, revolving Spike boxes and crushing machines hurt your enemies, as well as you!
* To gather the currencies of the fallen enemies to buy Buffs player who alter at random that only he could give the advantage him that needs to make leave with life.
* It rescues other captives to fight next to you, but they ten well-taken care of since never you know which have returned crazy catched in the Tower of homage.
* Experience 3 separated completions for the game, following how one gambles.
* Hours of game with the secrets that extend the experience - It discovers objects and arms that can slow down the time, render invincible or provide safe secret.
* New Game + way for players who prefer the extra challenge!

What has again
Addition has supported for other Android devices of high performance

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