It requires Android:

2.3.3 and versions superiors


Simpson Springfield is a game for IOS/Android in which you create your own Springfield. The buildings that you construct are to you giving money and exp periodically with which you are buying but buildings and raising of level, are special objects and buildings that are bought with doughnuts which gain raising of level or buying them with real money. In agreement you are advancing are appearing new characters who have different missions in which they give money you, exp and special objects. Adding to friendly podras to visit its town and to gain money and exp being made win it to also, part of special objects.

New features:

The problems of the Terwilliger in Springfield finished, but what is that is seen by the horizon? Something dramatic and still more dangerous? Or perhaps is a villain by far less hair? Us say will it the intelligent computer that it has seized of EA?

Next, new characters, buildings and histories!

Mantente to the delay!


+1.000 You donate
- 50 Donas
- 100 Donas
- 500 Donas

+10.000.000 Cash
+100.000.000 Cash
- 5.000.000 Cash
- 50.000.000 Cash

+25 Squidport Tiles
+50 Squidport Tiles

+50,000 Tickets KL
- 50,000 Tickets KL

AutoCollect de Recompensas and Free Rushing

Everything is saleable

It beats on Santa (Chance of You donate, Money and XP)

How to install?

1. Desinstalar any other version of the game

2. To unload the archives apk

3. To install v0

4. To leave unloads and updates to the 100%

5. To close the application and soon to install v1

6. To let to the archives mod unload to the 100%, comienzar the game and enjoy

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