It requires: 2.2 and up

General information: telegram is like SMS, but more powerful. It can send messages, photos, videos and documents to the people who are in the contacts of the telephone (and they have telegram).

telegram is an application of mail with an approach in the speed and the security. It is super express, simple and gratuitous.

With telegram, it can create groups of chat with capacity for 200 people so that the world can stay yet in contact simultaneously. In addition, you can share videos of until 1GB, send several photos of the Web, and send any means that you receive at a moment. All the messages are in the cloud, reason why it can accede easily from anyone of his devices.

For those interested in the maximum privacy, we have added to Secret Chats, with coding of end to end to assure that a message only can be read by its adressee. When one is secret Chats, nothing is registered in our servants and it is possible automatically to be programmed the messages to the self-destruction of both devices so never there is no registry of it.

We construct telegram to make safe the mail again so that it can recover his right to the privacy.

Why to change telegram?

EXPRESS: telegram is the application of faster mail in the market, since it uses an infrastructure decentralized with the located datacenters anywhere in the world to connect to people with the possible nearest servant.

SURELY: faults of security in popular applications since WhatsApp has received much bad press recently, reason why made our mission offer the best security in the market.

STORAGE CLOUD: It never loses his data again! telegram offers storage in the gratuitous and limitless cloud for all messages of telegrams and the means of which it can accede safely from multiple devices.

CHAT GROUP AND TO SHARE: With telegram, it can train great groups of chat (up to 200 members), quickly to share videos of so large gigabyte, and to send all the photos that wish friendly.

RELIABLE: Constructed to give its messages in the possible minimum bytes, telegram is the system of more reliable mail never has been made. Also it works in the weaker movable connections!

100% FREE AND WITHOUT ANNOUNCEMENTS: telegram is gratuitous and will be always free. We do not have plans to sell announcements or to introduce quotas of subscription.

PRIVACY: We take its privacy in serious very and we will never give to third parties the access to its data!

For the support in real time, please it goes to the configuration of telegram and selects “To make a question” to directly send a message to our personnel of support (telephone number 333). Also it can send an email to us to support@telegram.org.

What has again
v. 2.9.1
- Added to support for IPv6 only networks.
- correction of errors
v. 2.9.0
- To install and to share sets of sticker of order like this one: http://ift.tt/1HqLDtK
- If you are an artist, to create customized sets of label using nuestrastickers bot.
- Use of telegrams with Android Car.

This application does not have announcements



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