It requires: 2.1+

Description: What is WhatsApp+? Basically it is a personalizable WhatsApp where a pile of colors, visual sizes can be changed and many others mods In addition, can increase the limit of load means (limit of S-values 16Megabyte) to send archives or videos of great size.

It can increase the quality of the sent images (by predetermined resolution much is reduced) Can share music simply with a single click you you can add contact photos of profile of his chats Can hide to images of profile of contact and spectacle of the agenda photos (in chat screen) Constructed to viewfinder subject - in and unloader. It verifies users WhatsApp + in line subjects and to apply subject if you like and more to come Remembers to desinstalar WhatsApp previously if you come from the official version (if the error is not obtained “does not settle”)

WhatsApp EXTRA 6,97 Changes:
* Now HomeActivity always will be in favor of defect
* The passed time has corrected in state rows
* Accident has been corrected Selector of Music
* Other improvements and corrections of errors

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