It requires: Android 4.0+

General information: Pandora is free customized radius that music reproduces and the comedy that will enchant to you.

Great discovery of music is easy and free with Pandora. We hardly began with the name of one of his favorite artists, songs, sorts or composers and we will make the rest. It is easy to create customized stations that the music can be listened only that will enchant to you.
A music world accedes to everything, including almost a century of popular recordings - new and old, known and unknown. It creates free up to 100 customized radio stations with your account.
I amn't in favor safe of where beginning? To create an account free to explore hundreds of stations of sort of music and comedy.
You are already listener of Pandora? Even easier. You only must enter and enjoy the same service of free radio. Su Pandora she is the same in all the Web, the telephone, the television and its car - it accedes to your customized radius where you want to listen to good music or comedy.
Note: Pandora can use great amounts of data and loads of support data can apply. In order to obtain the best results, we recommended to him that it connects his device to confidence WiFi networks when is available.

Skips limitless, but not them announcements, Rich Notifications, Without time of delay, Downloader Music
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