It requires: Android 2.3.3+

General information: To obtain in a mining adventure in this sequel of the successful addictive game! Touch blocks to deepen and to explore all the islands of this exciting world!

To trigger impressive chain reactions, to find epic anckle boot, to equip with long-range gears, to obtain formidable cards, to unblock coffers of the treasure, crafts impressive, synonymous treats adjective thesaurus, reunite and commerce rare devices… Is so much to do!

* It explores dozens of beautiful islands
* To personalize characters with long-range equipment
* It constructs your card pack to arrive at new depths of excavation
* The commerce with the friendly to complete the collections of devices
* It competes in the daily events against his friendly and the world
* It saves the game in the cloud and to enjoy her in any device
* Benefit of frequent updates and events with fresh content

- New Mine! It completes the word of the day to play the new mine of memory!
- Fixed “stars of the museum” scores leaderboard
- Improvement of the screen Museum time of load



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