It requires: 2.3+

One hundred years later human won the Zombie War, the zombies that are been hibernating stage of a reappearance. Now, it is the moment for equipping your weapon and for fighting against zombies!

# Several professional pistols: AK47, M4, M249, UMP…
# Multiple ways of game
# distinguishing zombies
# Exciting scenes of battle
# challenging missions of head

Zombie Killer is # 1 FPS zombie game of firings that combines, Zombie Roadkill is # 1 game of action that combines the limits of games of action and the games of eternal classic races. The rules are very simple - to kill to the interminable ones adminisering extreme unction to zombies assassins or who its eaten brain.

When its hometown is invaded by the battle zombies, the only one that are to do soon becomes - leading its way through an apocalypse clearly zombie! Zombie Roadkill sees that not only it drives his way through hordes of living dead, but it allows him to demolish the game zombies, using machine guns and RPG equipped in the car. It is the vehicle sufficiently hard for the challenges that its inevitable fatality closes around in his? This game offers cars and the arms never before seen in the mobile!

Characteristics of the game:
- Action killer of zombies intense and game of races!
- 10 exciting arms and 5 vesicles to its disposition
- The way the endless history and way with 7 combatant implacable types zombie
- Impressive graphs in 3D and inspiring sound tracks
- Combat of the zombie in 7 different zones with seven unique ways of game
- Survival zombies Bush war with more than 30 arms

A game of firings in first person with the subject of the zombies to squash!
This the human cemetery is a full world of zombies -.
With the diffusion of the virus, the vaccine and that is the last hope of the world.
You must kill to all the zombies and monsters to survive.
Now you can gather the arms to fight by the density of the human being, to kill to the endless zombies. It remembers that its main mission is to survive. We go! We are going to begin the trip to save them 



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