It requires: Android 4.0+

Description: Minecraft is on the positioning of blocks to construct things and to go in adventures!

Pocket Edition includes at random generated worlds, multiplayer through a network local Wi-Fi, and the creative survival and ways. You can design and create with your friendly in any place of the world, as long as she has the hands of spare part and the battery to burn.
Ours more recent update adds the iconic creepers. They are great, green, average and explody. But he is only one of many. From Minecraft - Pocket Edition appeared for the first time, we are continuing to add a pile of new characteristics, including…
- Food! Now you can cook and pass hunger
- Swords! Arcs! TNT!
- Comfortable
- skeletons
- spiders
- Beds
- Paintings
- Much more!
But enough sales speak! Unload it already! And to amuse itself!

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