It requires: Android 2.3+

Description: It discovers the beautiful world of Nihilumbra to be part of Born in his adventure to be to itself while it tried to escape of his inevitable curse.

Born was created of the anything absolute: The Void. But somehow one separates of the black emptiness and it appears in the world. Here she is where its long odyssey begins, in which is going away to learn to use the colors to his around to obtain long-range capacities and to transform the world.

Nevertheless, their experiences have a high price. The emptiness must be one. One looks for him to protest and it will never stop persecuting it, destroying everything to his passage in the way.
In order to survive, Born will have to condemn to the Earth that he walks towards his inevitable destruction by The Void…


- More than 10 hours of game.

- Gameplay “old school” inspired by the classic games but redesigned for tactile devices.

- The capacity to change to the earth physics using five different colors.

- It uses five worlds like his linen cloth and to transform them to his will.

- Two different schemes of control: classic bellboys or sensor of inclination.

- Original Sound track composed by Alvaro Lafuente. Earpieces recommend.

- To unblock surprise when finalizing the game. Rejugabilidad assured.

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