It requires: 4.0+

Description: It takes to your clan for the victory! Clash of Clans is a epic game of strategy battle. It constructs your town, to train his troops and battles in line with thousands of other players!

Clash of Clans Ilimitad@s Gems, Gold and Elixir! Without They go! Now with PvP!

You have heard well! we bring the Mod/Hack of the Clash of Clans, at the moment, the game with more tendency. Tried in many occasions, by the stability, this mod surely is going to improve its level of game! It attacks other players, and to sack his resources. This it is a perfect mirror of the official servant, unless you obtain all limitless one!

Exclusive PvP APK unloads from the indicated connection
To install and to enjoy:)

File of changes

15/10/2014: The servants occur customized names (beta). The losses of memory and some bugs corrected.
21/10/2014: Several servants who share the same data base, so that another servant can be used, when one is down, and his progress in the game remains kept, even after changing of servant.
27/10/2014: New customized servant working with the last version
29/10/2014: Basic Custom APK provided of data main of work in several servants.
11/11/2014: New servants
12/11/2014: Customized Nueva APK
17/11/2014: patched to work with the last version of the Kick (Android and iOS)
19/11/2014: Assigned Elastic IP to the main servant
03/12/2014: ♪ customized Barbarian Tower and SnowFall add. It is Christmas! ♥
06/12/2014: All Savings related fixed subjects. Added PvE! Chasethose Goblins! :)
25/12/2014: Universal APK set free! :)
01.04.2015: “Dual Install " > You can install so much apk original and apk mod on the telephone! He plays next to the other.!
23/01/2015: Bringing City council to him 11! :)
03/09/2015: Added PvP! Benefit of sacking others:)
11/05/2015: Solved errors

Note: Apk Kick is named like Flamewall. It is still in phase beta, reason why it could face some errors.

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