It requires: 2.3+

Description: Super Adventure Pals is a flood of adorable action RPG of platforms that are going to you to fall in love with. It travels through the monsters of the Earth and battle in the last epic mission when trying to locate evil Mr. B who has captured his adorable mascot Mr. Roca. By all means that will not be only in this adventure - its better friend in the world, the giraffe, will be there with you!

Perfectly addictive and all type of diversion, Super Adventure Pals is a game of adventure roll that certainly you have addict in just a short time. When raking evil Mr. B, you will have the opportunity to enter all type of battles type of necrófago yet and the monster can imagine! Cutting and you lay way to the victory and you will have the opportunity to raise of level, along with the opportunity to seize of new arms and colors of the hat. Also it will raise against Mr. B itself in a series of epic fights.
Everything is not fight, although - you also will be able to direct to the towns and villages and to interact with the people who live there. Also he will be able to go to the store, where you will find all type of new equipment, special elements and abilities in supply!
• Battle all type of monsters and heads in this epic adventure RPG.
• To raise of level your character and to find all type of improvements and new arms.
• To interact with the PNJ in the cities and towns and to update its hero in the store!
• Enamor with the unique glance of Super Adventure Pals - characters to you designed with love and levels.
To what you are hoping? Evil Mr. B has his adorable rock mascot and only there is a thing to do! Super Adventure Pals - to leave and to save it!

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