It requires: 2.3.3+

Description: Football Manager Handheld 2015 is the last version in the best-seller, awarded series in the movable devices and tablets that allow him to live the dream on the management of their club in the favorite real life.

You are in the bench, to take the decisions on the transferences, tactics and you are made position of the band the days of party. You have what it is needed to become a legend in the high pressure, discharge emotion of the world of soccer management?
Motor brand New Party
New and the completely most realistic one of the motor of parties in 2D allows to analyze better the yield of its team in the field to help him to make those difficult decisions. *
Scouting get hold of
A brand new Scouting Agency that allow to look and to supervise him, a classified list of the 50 better players in the game, as much for the present capacity and potential future.
Ranking and dynamic League Reputation
New World-wide Ranking, for the international equipment and national leagues, who will evolve with time based on activities in the continental competitions.
More detailed Statistics Equipment
A Statistical page of the Club dedicated to show the information to him of more detailed historical season and on all the areas of its club.

Manager Profits Page
A page Administrator of Profits so that it can realize a pursuit of all praises and downwards obtain a race in all the gained trophies, prizes and profits.
My club improves the way
Now it can assign rolls of the player for each one of the members of the equipment and also to keep any player from any race and to use that player in his equipment of My Club.
Improvement of Look and Feel
More improvements in the user interface to play its role like administrator of easy.
Extra much more, including a new publisher of purchasable in the game that allows to change its data him of the game through its race. You want more money? It better wishes that the statistics of its forward to be? Now you can do that much more and.
* New motor of parties available in all the devices, some devices can work motor of parties original like predetermined based on the capacity of processing and memory.

What has again
# 6,3 Update 3
Divided speeds Tweaked
The improvement of the roll behaviors player
Effect Tuned condition of international parties
Avoided subject where desbloqueables ignitions of incorrect form
Fixed bellboys of answer auction greyish in some circumstances
Jumping in the party of fixed clock
Solved the problem little he frequents that the transference happened outside the window
Corrected discrepancy between the qualifications player in two screens

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