It requires: 3.2+

General information: FINAL FANTASY I SAW now - in Android!

FINAL FANTASY I SAW made debut for the first time in 1994 as the sixth delivery of the iconic Final Fantasy series. The innovations include the capacity to reproduce all the main characters like the protagonist of the game, and until now, its epic history interlacing each of its destinies continues highly being valued and very popular. Representations dramatic of characters are also very valued, including catastrophe that happens in the middle of cross-country road, that offers a particular shock emotional, to the players.

With a pile of abilities available and the system magicite to control the spells/invocation, the players can develop their characters of the way who want. This it was also the first game of Final Fantasy to include Ultima Weapon, the most powerful sword of all and an element appellant in later titles within the series.

The War of the Magi left little more ash-gray and the misery to its step. In himself the magic had even disappeared of the world. Now, thousand years later, the humanity has remade the world through being able of the iron, the powder, steam engines and other machines and technologies.

But a name of Terra girl is one owns the power of the lost magic - who the evil Empire has maintained enslaved in a effort to take advantage of its power like weapon. This leads to a prophetic meeting between Terra and a young Locke call. Its distressing flight of the claws of the Empire puts in movement a series of events that touches many lives and drives to an inevitable conclusion.

• All the graphs carefully have been recreated, and so the world of FINAL FANTASY I SAW its movable device for the first time! Kazuko Shibuya, one of the graphical designers who take part in the Final Fantasy series from the beginning, in the personnel worked in the main characters and supervised the recreation of the graphs of the game.

• The vast experience of Square Enix in Lists titles RPG of smartphones has been taken advantage of in the implementation of controls easy to use intuitive that they do that the game easy to play in touch screens. The battle interface has been object of special attention, with a complete revision for its use on the intelligent telephone.

• This version of smartphone includes new the Magicites and events that were introduced in the 2006 remake.

• Some events have been optimized to be played with tactile controls easy to use.

Certain conditions in the game can do that the application is closed unexpectedly in some devices. In order to diminish the complications, please, it takes the following precautions when one gambles:
- It keeps the data from the game with regularity.
- To close the game through manager of applications of its device after leaving.
- In case the game does not work correctly, the feeding of the device and returns to ignite it before relaunching.
FINAL FANTASY I SAW is not possible to be initiated in the devices with Android 4,4 with Android qualified (ART) RunTime. Please, the runtime by defect makes sure is selected before sending the game.

What has again
Fixed several problems of battle commando.
Tab (left/right) Way:
- Solved the problem in which a determined entrance gamepad could cause that the game is frozen during the battles against three or worse.
- Solved the problem in which a certain dominion could do that the game is closed during the battles of two members of the party against an enemy.
Way By Defect:
- Solved the problem in which a determined commando directed to all the enemies when he is surrounded by an enemy in particular could cause the game to close.

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