Requirements: 2.3+

Overview: to n7player is to supreme music to player with innovative to user audio interface and powerful processing. 

to n7player is to unique music to player with an advanced to equalizer and one of to kind interface. 
Includes: 10-band to equalizer, seperate bass & treble, folders, 3d sounds effects, lyrics, skins, album art to downloader & manager, lockscreens, widgets, tag publisher, playlist manager, sleep to timer. For Scroll down dwells!
Main music to player functions:
* Multiple Change sound parameters thanks to the 10-band graphic to equalizer (with built-in preamp) with many built-in presets
* Audio play majority of formats and cases out types: mp3, mp4, m4a, ogg, wav, 3gp, mid, xmf, ogg, mkv (4.0+), flac (3.1+), aac (3.1+)
* Boost the bass or reduces the treble with seperate bass and treble controls
* Spatial Customizable volume normalization or add effects and SRS (device-dependant)
* Play music in normal or random to order, shuffle or repeat
* Change the channel balance (left-right)
* Playback knows and restore position
* Play songs without interruption (gapless mode)
Multiple customizations & control options:
* Available Customize the appearance thanks to many skins and themes (with to little skills you dog even creates your to you own)
* Manage and download missing album arts, select best looking cover version
* Edit tags (for all supported formats)
* Browse library by artists, albums, songs, genres, playlists, folders
* Filter folders, restrict catalog directory to specific folders, hide or delete group of albums and artists to keep your library clean
* Control your music with notification panel when outside of music to player
* For Customize headset buttons function controlling your mp3
* Multiselect - select multiple items to creates playlist to you or add to current queue
* Create to you, edit, manage and display playlists, automatic playlists (m3u, m3u8, pls support)
* Lots of configuration options to tweak & customize various app parameters
* Display embedded lyrics and downloads missing ones using External plugin
* Two different Lock screens (Android system 4.0/ICS+, and our own)
* For Support many to scrobbler applications
* Several control your playback with widget formats
* Configurable sleep to timer to automatically turn in off
* Share what is playing
In conjunction with the Toaster UPNP/DLNA, the application for streaming music, photos videos and:
* Audio Stream to to other devices available on the local network
* Supports UPNP, DLNA, AirPlay and Chromecast devices
Some you modulate of this to player (graphics EQ, tag publisher and to folder to browser) will sees locked after the 14 days from the dates of the first launch and will require the purchase of to license key.
n7 music to player you have been positively reviewed:
http:// lifehacker.com: 
“to n7player makes browsing your own library and finding music to lists to fun again.”
http:// reghardware.com 
Score: 95%, RH Recommended Medal
“It's not often that I eats across an application that displaces to default choice on my phone within you make a draft of me downloading it, but the N7Player music to player is just one such. I think it's brilliant.”
_ redmondpie.com
“super snazzy interface”
http:// addictivetips.com 
“N7 is to slick, stylish and feature-rich music to player for Android that vows to replace any alternative that you're currently hooked to.”
Got errors while trying to download? _https://support.google.com/googleplay/troubleshooter/4592924
Does Want dwell info? Go to our website! _http://n7player.com


- Beta: Added Smart Playlists on the Playlist screen
- Beta: Added support for CUE sheets
- Added info about to n7player beta program in the app menu (lots of to new cool stuff incoming!
- Feedback program is now activates! Please tell U.S. what you think about the future of n7p via Survey located in the app menu.
- Fixed playback issue with some tracks
- Fixed Dolby related crashes

This app there are not advertisements



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It requires: 2.3+

General information: It buys the best tables of pinball classic for his Android device!

Winner of the Best game for mobiles of 2012 by X-Play!

In order to celebrate the first anniversary of the Pinball Arcade now we are offering Such Of The Arabian Nights ™ free!

This month, scrap iron Deposit ™ is being offered and is available for the game without limits!

The version of Android is now compatible with the game controller Pro Moga! In order to prove Make sure it that the device is matched in way B. An option for both controller schemes also has been added to the menu of options of the table to allow the user to interchange the triggers with the bellboys of the shoulder.

Pinball Arcade counts for all time on exact recreations of the greatest tables of pinball of Williams®, Bally®, Stern together Pinball® and Gottlieb® in a single game. Each fin, paragolpes, sound effects, and screen pixels have been emulated concientiously surprising details.

Starship Troopers ™, Earthshaker ™, Zone Party ™, the Ghost of Opera ™, Drácula ™, Dining room ™, High Roller Casino! ™, Lights… camera… Action! scrap iron ™, Deposit ™, High Speed ™, Who Dunnit ™, Black Horseman 2000 ™, Black Rose ™, Fish Such ™, Ball Blanca Wizard ™, Gilded ™, Class of 1812 ™, Victory ™, Haunted House ™, tee of In off ™, Terminator 2 ™, flight 2000 ™, Goin Nuts ™, Champion bar ™, Whirlwind ™, Centaur ™, Pinbot ™, White Water ™, Space Shuttle ™, Canyon Cactus ™, Central Park ™, the Dr. Friend ™, Firepower ™, Star Trek: The Next Generation ™, Twilight Zone ™, ™ Scared Stiff, Big Shot ™, Elvira and the Monsters Party ™, nonGood Gofers ™, Taxi ™, Harley-Davidson ™ third edition, Creature of the Black Lagoon®, Black Knight ™, Monster Bash ™, Gorgar ™, Circus Voltaire ™, Funhouse ™, Medieval Madness ™, The Machine: Bride of Pin • Bot ™, Ripley creates it or Not®, Theater of Magic® and Negro Hole ™ are available for their purchase within the game.

Every month, the regular updates will be added in the classic tables of pinball for the purchase.

Our objective is that the Pinball Arcade to become the game of pinball more complete realist and never created. Please that supports us in our efforts to preserve these tables and to be united to the indelible part of the American culture that is pinball!

What opinions are saying:

“Simply, one of the best games of pinball than I have played” - Touch Arcade
“As near the experience of pinball as you never obtain in the palm of his hand” - Pocket Gamer
“Pinball is nothing else real or no the diversion in the mobile” - Gamezebo
“This game is excellent, along with great presentation” - Inentertainment
“An impressive title, and one that is forced to please to fans of pinball” -148 Applications
“The authenticity is the name of the game here, and is Farsight absolutely nailed” - GameLive.TV
“Quite impressive… with the content of this great one, it does not need to use the sale lasts” - iLounge
“The dream of nerd pinball fact reality” - App Addict

What has again
- The sound has been recovered in Agujero Negro & Diner
- the fit mechanical levels of sound
- Added Safecracker Translations
- Black Horseman 2000 hud fix
- Champion of the pub fix

This application does not have announcements

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It requires: 2.3+

The monsters are the main subject of the new application of exciting Sigma game. Vacations of spring Monster expectation Island expectation allows the user to become a trainer of Monster in vacations of spring. Sigma Game thinks that this application stands out of all the other games of Monster in the market as Monster vacations of spring expectation totally puts to the user the control. In this game of adventure roll, the user must Discovers, captures, fights and to form one of the 150 monsters. The vacations of spring Monster expectation also allow the user to participate in line with the family and other trainers, which allows Thema atmosphere to defy military friendly and other players of the game.
Monster rupture expectation spring was unconscious eighteen months in the manufacture; Sigma Game has assured that the application is of the quality that the users will have Comeau to hope. The animation of high quality, the history of adventure, and the capacity to defy Both friendly and other users MeFeedia to the stimulant, high sensation of energy of this game in line.

Vacations of spring Monster expectation take to the user in a unique adventure that is not available in other games of Monster. Besides propitious surroundings to the user to capture monsters, the user can train Thema, also, and this is what the vacations do that of spring expectation monster different from the other games that can be found that way. Vacations of spring Monster expectation can be played in line as much as out of line, which allows the user to still play the game without access Internet, doing greater the game more versatile than.
For game facility, Monster vacations of spring expectation has will be that joystick of tactile control with a single hand is not required, and allows that the user is Absenger to create the balance adapted between the control and the game of game. Another characteristic of Monster vacations of spring expectation is the store in line. The store allows the users of the vacations of spring Monster expectation to accede to articles and special discounts of purchase, as well as the reading of the commentaries of other users and to participate in line with other competitors in the forum.
The application is gratuitous to unload and recently it has been made available through App World; IOS has been designed for the platform.
Main Characteristics:
Vacations of spring Monster expectation are full of colorful Monsters, carefully animated. The Monsters Comer in different forms and sizes, and you have been designed to be attractive in view of which the game plays.
The colorful monsters including in this game are safe to maintain all the involved and it jeopardize until the end. The game also includes:
- A line of the funny and attractive history that allows the user to keep friend Monster Thein, Rania, like one of the missions
- 14 of fantasy different maps to explore
- It defies MORE THAN 50 NPC Monster trainers
- The equipment of Monster train
- System of codes of friend to Sheikh to the user To invite Thein friendly to put the game along with Thema, the increase of the competitiveness and the diversion of the vacations of spring Island expectation.
- To gather MORE THAN 150 different monsters

Version 2.3.1
- correction of errors
Version 2.3.0
- New Event



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It requires Android:

2.3.3 and versions superiors


Simpson Springfield is a game for IOS/Android in which you create your own Springfield. The buildings that you construct are to you giving money and exp periodically with which you are buying but buildings and raising of level, are special objects and buildings that are bought with doughnuts which gain raising of level or buying them with real money. In agreement you are advancing are appearing new characters who have different missions in which they give money you, exp and special objects. Adding to friendly podras to visit its town and to gain money and exp being made win it to also, part of special objects.

New features:

A new way in Springfield has been opened with which you will cross mountains. In addition, Cookie Kwan has left his appraised side the west to guide you in this new zone of Springfield: Springfield Heights!

It includes:

• More than 10 buildings

• More than 20 decorations

• More than 50 earth squares

• A new beach of luxury to rest and to relax

• And many more things!

It at the most takes your high Springfield with Springfield Heights!


- Infinite Doughnuts

- Infinite Money

- Anti they go

- Purchases free

- The existing doughnuts will remain

- It works in Krustlyland

- It works after all the updates within the version

- It works with and without Origin account

How to install?

1. To unload the 5 parts (4 of 10 Megabyte and one of 188 KB), to keep them in the same folder

2. To open arhivo “TSTO_4_16_2.7z.001” and to extract in any location (to use 7-Zip in Windows or the ZArchiver in Android)

3. Desinstalar any other version of the game

4. To install apk (sources unknown” qualified in unknown configuración>seguridad>fuentes must have the option “)

5. To open the game and to leave update

6. Ready, hack has settled

How to activate the purchases free, doughnuts and ilimitad@s money?

To buy or to construct something, for example to plant a tree or to construct a building

How to obtain you donate permanent?

Whenever they obtain you donate with mod activated gain some permanent bonds of doughnuts, that still follow with the original game






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Requirements: 4.0+

Overview: CALCU is to simple, yet beautiful and powerful calculator.

Express your style with the calculator made just for you. Choose from 12 colorful, stylish themes to brighten your day while you calculates with to you ease.
CALCU™ is to breeze to uses for everyday calculations, with all the scientific capability you need for work and school just to swipe away. For And your most demanding needs, calculator CALCU™ allows you to add or remove the functions and constants you need to make the perfect designed by you, for you.
The Droid Lawyer 4,5 rates CALCU™ out of 5, calling it “to great replacement for Android's calculator stock”… and we couldn't agree dwells!
★ Beautiful and intuitive interface with gesture based control and navigation
★ See instant results of your calculations ace you to enter them
★ reveal Swipe up on the keypad to scientific keypad
★ Swipe down on the display to see calculation history
★ Swipe up on the scientific keypad to customize it
★ Creates user-defined to you constants
★ Choose full between simple and keypad layout
★ Choose from 12 stylish themes


- NEW! Now supports operation in landscape
- NEW! Now shows tricks out of in history view
- NEW! Edit your equation without starting to over
- fix minor issues reported by users
- please keep the feedback coming!

This app there are not advertisements



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Requirements: 2.3+

Overview: Feel confident in your travels with MapsWithMe Pro!

* Over 6M downloads worldwide
* Top 5 travel apps in dwells than 80 countries
* Featured in Tuaw, Forbes, TechCrunch
Fast detailed offline maps of all countries of the world. Maps work everywhere, anytime. Internet connection isn't required.
• The dwells details than on to other maps.
• Millions of points-of-interest (POIs): restaurants, gas stations, tourist destinations…
• added Up-to-dates map dates which is daily by map users worldwide - see http:// openstreetmap.org 
• Maps work when available nonInternet connection is.
• Roaming charges does not when traveling abroad.
• Always know where you plows.
• Useful in hometown, indispensable in travels.
• 345 countries and islands. Every pleases is covered.
• Works of even in the middle nowhere.
• Pay eleven, uses in any location.
• Probably the fastest offline maps to ever. Shows map when others don't.
• Innovative map dates compression.
• Maps plows impressively small. Memory knows your phone's.
• Download any for country map free.
• Pay eleven, uses on multiple Android devices.
• Offline search. Available Find everything you need of all the objects on the map.
• Bookmarks. Add any pleases to the bookmarks list. Then find it easily again and again.
• Export/import of bookmarks. Add bookmarks and tracks from to other maps to MAPS.ME. KML/KMZ you case out plows supported.
• Location sharing. Send to pin of any pleases on the map via e-mail or SMS. Share your current location.
• Car mode. When it is on, the map automatically orients itself to the direction you plows moving.
• Routing. Get directions from your current location to any spot on to single map.
If you have any questions, just contact U.S.: support@maps.me. We respond to every request.
Follow U.S.!
Facebook: http:// http://ift.tt/1Ivgs2t
Google +: http://ift.tt/1Uazqzr
Twitter: @MAPS_ME


* we noticed that maps with routing plows downloaded dwells often under we changed the button to order
* the world map grants a scholarship to me dwells recognizable: we added glaciers and lakes based on the initial scale.
In addition, we updated the dates and added to over 4,9 million new items:
* for those who're schedule to go on vacation - 3.500 hotels and 900 beaches,
* for drivers - 25.000 car park lots and 250 road doubles bed
* and for those who love free Internet - 780 WiFi hotspots

This app there are not advertisements

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It requires: 4.0+

Description: Sygic is the application more Installed of navigation in the world with maps offline for Android impelled by TomTom Maps. Navigation and maps are installed in card SD so that there is not necessity of a connection to Internet when sailing. Map and updates of applications are free every 3 months.

You can enjoy free navigation, gps, maps out of line of TomTom, POIs, planning of routes and gratuitous updates of maps.
In order to obtain the maximum of navigation, to update the premium and to enjoy characteristics of high range of all the life: maps in 3D, radio navigation by voice turn turn in real time, guide of track, warnings of speed limit and visualization of crossings with you shoot with an arrow indicating of track in complex intersections.
How to install Sygic: Navigation and GPS maps for Android: http://youtu.be/6jIkkr-Wr8E
• navigation of intuitive voice in different languages
• The maps of high TomTom quality stored in the device
• Cross-border routing and navigation without needing changing between the countries or for a less detailed map
• It only works with GPS, is not needed Internet
• Million free settled POI
• gratuitous map Updates and gratuitous PDI updates of data bases
• Gratuitous updates of fixed radars
• Head-Up Display (HUD) available as application in the purchase
• Cities and Landscape for the easy direction 3D
• Pedestrian navigation to walk and to explore
• Dynamic Guide of track for safe changes of track
• Visualization of crossings to outstanding exists wagon
• The warnings of surpassed speed limit for
• Warnings for fixed radars
• trap Police warnings of the other conductors
• I speak names of streets to concentrate in the highway
• Three alternative Routes to choose
• Edition of route Easy to drag & to drop
• Datum points for the places that wish to visit
• To avoid the tolls of the route
• Graphs optimized for tablets and screens of high resolution
• Integration Audio Car - Bluetooth or cable
• PDI TripAdvisor unloads as gratuitous in Sygic lies down
• Park.me with 25.000 hardstandings of EE.UU.
• supplies of Groupon in the United States - to find, to buy and to sail
CHARACTERISTIC complement (in-app purchase)
• Service of Traffic to avoid the delays in its daily trips
• It obtains instructions of navigation of Homer Simpson and other voices of original celebrities
• cameras of premium speed in line with 300 000 locations of movable radars every month
• Head Up Display (HUD) projects GPS navigation in the windshield
MAPS available free:
Algeria, Andorra, Angola, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Belgium, Benin, Bostwana, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Cameroun, Canada, Canary Islands, Colombia, the Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Gabon, Ghana, Gibraltar, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Chile, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Italy, Israel, India, Kenya, Kuwait, Latvia, Lesotho, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macao, Malaysia, Malawi, Mali, Malt, Mauretania, Mauritius, Mayotte, Mexico, Monaco, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Niger, Nigeria, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, the Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, the United Republic of the Congo, Meeting, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Swaziland, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tanzania, Thailand, Togo, Tunisia, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine, Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, Uruguay, EE.UU., the Vatican, Vietnam, Venezuela, Zambia, Zimbabwe
Sygic | It brings life to the maps

* with fix for icon, when to faster route found
* improved stability
* android M support
* fixes for Founding to better route, if traffic is huge



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Requirements: You vary with device

Overview: For FREE VPN your Android Device! * Unlimited Bandwidth! 

Hotspot Shield VPN & Proxy, the world's most trusted free 300 VPN with to over million downloads. Average Access, video & messaging apps from around the world | Social Unblock networks | Keep your mobile activities safe & prevails to you | Enjoy unlimited VPN bandwidth
Direct download link: http://j.mp/hssa341 
Hotspot for Shield is to free VPN Android. Our VPN offers Wi-Fi security, online privacy, and Access to blocked content & apps like Facebook, Netflix, BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION, Skype and YouTube via proxy. With activates Hotspot to you Shield VPN 1 simple click!
• To uses our VPN Access blocked websites & apps such ace Facebook, YouTube, Netflix, BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION, ITV Player & Pandora
• Get unrestricted Access to mobile VoIP services and messaging apps like Skype & Viber
• Virtual Choose from locations in Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Japan, UK, U.S.
• Secure all online activity with banking-level encryption on any public or deprives network to you
• Hide your IP address, identity & location from websites & online trackers for personal maximum privacy & security while preventing information theft
• Our free VPN detects and blocks known malware & fraudulent phishing sites in real-tricks out of
• Bypass firewalls, browse anonymously to avoid being tracked
• Hotspot Shield free VPN & Web proxy offers the best wifi hotspot security
Hotspot Shield Free VPN & Proxy you have been featured in Forbes, CNET, Cnn, New York Times.
PC Magazine “By using VPN technology to encrypt all traffic…. Hotspot digital Shield VPN protects all communication including browsing, e-mail, text messaging, and communication by apps.”
Lifehacker “If you're concerned about threats like Firesheep or you know how easy it is to sniff out passwords and cookies, you May want to give the app to try.”
★★★★★ “Control your Internet Privacy and Security - I've now tried them all (VPNs) thousands ace I travel 200k each to year. This is the only VPN that works consistently, especially in ORE and APAC. REAL This is the only one with support. If you want the Internet privacy, security (& Pandora they when you plows outside the U.S.), then look not to further. JMHO” - Cster
For Upgrade to Elite Unlimited VPN Protection
For Our Elite VPN Android gives you unlimited bandwidth, virtual Access to all locations, and ad-free Internet browsing. For Elite uses one account VPN & 5 Proxy protection on up to devices. Hotspot Shield VPN Elite offers 2 recurring subscription models and you eat with to 100% satisfaction guarantee.
• 6 month plan: $19.99, $3.33/month.
• 1 to year plan: $29.95, $2.50/month. 
* Subscriptions will car-renew unless canceled.
Our free VPN offers the same level of security but is supported with ads and there are bandwidth limits.
App Permissions plows asked to enhance Internet security.
Some devices plows not compatible with Hotspot Shield. Please contact your device to manufacturer with questions.
Hotspot Shield compatible Free VPN is not with Android OS 3.x versions.
For Android OS 2.x: If you have to other VPN apps installed, please disconnect them.
We support 3G/4G mobile connections, wifi and any to other Internet Access.
ABOUT AnchorFree™
Founded in 2005, AnchorFree™ is the biggest VPN company in the world with to over 300 million downloads. We own and manage hundreds of server to support millions of VPN users every day. AnchorFree™ was chosen ace one of the most promising companies in the U.S. by Forbes Magazine, ace well ace the fastest growing companies by Inc. Magazine.
Follow U.S. on…
Google+: _https://plus.google.com/+HotspotShield
Facebook: _https:// http://ift.tt/1cHwAlo
Twitter: _https://twitter.com/hotspotshield | @HotspotShield 
Support: _https://support.hotspotshield.com/
If you have issues downloading with Google Play, please uses this direct download link: _http://j.mp/HSSAndroid346
or: _https://s3.amazonaws.com/twttreng/v346_release_google_03-31-15.apk
Copyright © 2015 AnchorFree, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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Requirements: Android 2.3+

Overview: The Most Trusted Automatic Android Call Recorder App On the Planet!

Call Recorder | Recall total by Killer Mobile ®

Congratulations you've just found the most trusted Android Call Recorder App on the Planet! Total super Recall is simple to uses and you have been engineered to probidet the most Stable & available Reliable call recording. Most competing automatic call recorders only record calls from your device's microphone - AT very low volumes (if AT all) - our app record from both sides of the line on dwells devices than ANY competing Call Recorder, and there are since 2004.

“May I first say wow, amazing app” - David

“For Love the app and thanks the awesome to customer service and quick replies.” - Jim 

“Thank you very much you're awsome. I love the app it's the best call rec solution I found” - Yaniv 

“I've to been wanting thank you again for being such to cool company. With all the Comcast incompetence lately, it reminded me of the usefulness of your app. I used it with Adobe to get to refund on an incorrect product from them. After telling them the call was being recorded I had to very apologetic manager on the line and the refund was donates in you make a draft.” - Berton 

Total 30 for Recall is free days, then will sees limited to recording calls for 1 makes a draft until purchased. Why Pay? Excellent Support. Frequent Updates. Zero Intrusive, Privacy Killing Ads which you find in EVERY to other competing Call Recorder.

Every Call Recording Feature You Need 

~ Audio Send Recordings to your favorite Cloud Services: 
+ Gmail + Google Drive + Box + DropBox + Evernote + SoundCloud
~ Supports AMR, WAV, 3GPP & MP3 format (this is the ONLY Call Recorder officially licensed to uses the MP3 codec)
~ Record Calls Selectively (automatic call to recorder, manual, widget, incoming, or outgoing)
~ Password Protection
~ Supports 20+ Languages

Possible Two-sided conversation recording is not on every device & is sometimes needed. Below is to partial compatibility list.

~ nonRoot Required ~

Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge
Galaxy Note 4
LG G3 (including Lollipop/5.0)
HTC One (M8)
Samsung Galaxy S5 (SM-G900F, SM-G900T)
It notices 3 (5,0 pre-kit kat & 4.4.4 & Lollipop)
Galaxy S4 (i9500 & i9505), S4 Mini & S4 Advance
S3 (i9300)
Many Sony Xperia models
Motorola G (pre 4.4.2)
& It dwells

~ Root Required ~

It notices 3 (4.4.2)
Nexus 5
U.S. S3 & S4 Models
Sony Xperia M/V/T
& It dwells

Compatible Full Device List: h ** p: / http://ift.tt/1eBC68U

Just to another Killer App by Killer Mobile®

What's in this version:
Please check the “About” menu - > “for Update Notes” option to comprehensive list of recent updates!

- Fixes M8 video/to recorder issue

- ALSA rebuilt and reworked for Lollipop, backwards compatible with to older OS versions.

- MP3 library rebuilt for Lollipop

- Added S5, Note4 to ALSA recording list (supports Lollipop)

- Bug Fix: Prompt knows delete confirmation now respects the setting

- Lollipop fixes for Call Screen widget showing again

& It dwells…

You notice:
Enjoy to another rereads by PutterPlace. If you share this elsewhere, please give credit where it's due.

This app there are NOT advertisements

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Requirements: 1.6 and up

Overview: See what your to car is doing in realtime, get fault codes, to car performance, sensor dates and dwells!

Torque is to vehicle/to car performance/diagnostics tool that you use an OBD II Bluetooth to adapter to connect to your OBD2 engine management/ECU.

It dog uses the GPS to probidet to tracker logs with engine logging under you dog see what you were doing AT any point in Time

It dog also show and reset to DTC/fault code like to scantool.

It also you have:

* Dyno/Dynomometer and Horsepower/HP & Torque
* 0-60 timings - using dwells accurate than just plain old GPS - see how fast your to car is (or truck:))
* Customisable dashboards
* Video your journey using the Track Recorder plugin with onscreen OBD dates overlay - to for Black Box you car/truck!
* Send GPS tagged tweets directly to twitter (for example if you plows going on to roadtrip)
* For Massive fault code database allowing lookup of fault codes from many different manufacturers
* Theme support (choose from different themes to change the look of your dashboard)
* Send logging information to Web or for email CSV/KML analysis via excel/openoffice
* For Heads up display/HUD mode night tricks out of driving
* GPS Speedometer/Tracking and realtime Web upload capability - see what you were doing and your engine, AT to point in Time
* For Turbo boost feature vehicles that support MAP sensors
* Alarms and warnings (for example if your coolant temperature goes to over 120C whilst driving) with voice/speech overlay
* For AIDL API connecting third party apps, To simple telnet for interface developers to talk to to adapter, and an OBD scanner.
* Works on tablet devices like the Motorola Xoom, Dell Streak, and Samsung Galaxy Tab

This app there are not advertisements



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She requires: 2.3.3+

General information: Playpark presents with pride a definitive action RPG of lateral displacement fight game that continues is successful from the PC in a complete version Smartphone with all the well-known characteristics and the designs!

■ Viene with simple controls and system of automatic reproduction that supports a game on an intelligent telephone. You can amuse yourself at any time with the game in any place.
■ world Adventure colorful of fantasy in 3D. It enjoys the trip to stop the evil Elga dragoon.
■ Chosen like the hero of the dragoon: Guerrero, Magician, Thief and the form in which you like.
■ Special Development Ability and to update to an attack combined with a variety of arms different to choose.
■ Defying many missions and adventures of the hunting of special prizes, very rare weapon system and armors!
■ Lucha by glory and honor in the daily system without scales Battle League to be the strongest hero of the dragoon of the world.
■ Personaliza your appearance character in its own style with more than 200 Fashions article. It is hour to shine to your friendly!
■ Haga that their pretty ones admit that it accompanies it in his adventure. To evolve to the highest rank to obtain the most reliable friendly for the fight against the enemy.
■ diversion with your friendly in the line! With the line of the friendly list, to invite to your friendly to play and to defy them for pvp to gain a special reward.

1. Massive attacks
2. God way
3. Infinitely MP
4. Greater speed
5. It supports not root

1. To install Dragonica_1.1.11 - Playstore.apk to open and to unload the data from the game. As soon as it has unloaded, to leave the game.
2. To install Dragonica_1.1.11_MOD_DaiCaVN.apk on the other version, nonDESINSTALAR NADA



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Requirements: You vary with device

Overview: Global The for standard reliably viewing and sharing pdf documents

Adobe Reader is the free, trusted to leader for reliably viewing and interacting with pdf documents across platforms and devices. Install the Reader mobile app to work with pdf documents on your Android tablet or phone. Easily Access, manage, and share to wide variety of pdf types. To uses with Adobe Document Services convert and export pdf you case out.

View pdf documents
• Quickly open pdf documents from email, the Web, or any app that supports “Share”
• View pdf Portfolios, password-protected PDFs, annotations, and drawing markups
• Contextual text search using snippets
• Select single page or continuous scroll modes
• Easily for zoom lens in on text or images to closer view
• Read in dark locations with comfort using Night Mode
• Read long passages with Brightness Lock

Export pdf you case out to Word or Excel using the Adobe ExportPDF online service
• Convert pdf you case out to DOC, DOCX, XLSX for or rtf formats easy editing
• Purchase ExportPDF from within Adobe Reader
• Integrated login for ExportPDF subscribers

Create pdf to you you case out using Adobe PDF services Packs online
• Or Excel creates pdf to you you case out from Word
• Convert images for to pdf easy sharing
• Purchase pdf Pack from within Adobe Reader
• Integrated login for pdf Pack and Adobe Acrobat Extra subscribers

Store and Access documents in the cloud with Acrobat.com
• Share you case out across all of your desktop and mobile devices with Acrobat.com
• Automatically knows changes back to the cloud
• Multiple Synchronize last page read across devices via Acrobat.com

Navigate through pdf content
• To uses bookmarks jump directly to section in your pdf document
• APT on links in a pdf to open linked Web pages
• Return to your previous location to after going to link or bookmark
• Go to any page by tapping the page to number to enter to new page
• Quickly navigate through large documents using thumbnails

Comment writes down and to you on pdf documents
• Add comments anywhere in your pdf with sticky you notice
• Add text with the Add Text tool
• Provide feedback using the highlight, strikethrough, and underline tools
• Easily mark up pdf content with the freehand drawing tool, and easily undo mistakes

Fill out forms
• Quickly fill out pdf forms
• Have confidence that the form is correct with field validation, calculation, and formatting
• It knows, sign, and forward forms to others

Organize your documents
• To creates folders to you easily organize and find documents
• Copy documents to mark up or to uses ace templates
• Rename documents
• Multiple Easily select and delete documents

Electronically sign documents
• Get documents signed with Adobe EchoSign using “for Send Signature”
• Tool uses the Ink Signature to sign any document using your to finger

Print and share documents
• PDFs share with to other applications using “Share”
• PDFs email ace attachments
• Print your documents with Google Cloud Print

Available languages:
English, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish

•Improved text selection, highlight and underline performance
•New entry point in “for Viewer” commenting tools, sharing documents and changing view modes
•Enhanced page navigation with to new to scrubber
•Better text reflow with continuous feedback during zoom lens and improved space handling
•Updated signature for panel to better signing experience
•For Support for Android for Work enterprises
•Multiple Ability to select pages for rotation and deletion in “Organize pages”

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It requires: 2.3+

Description: Popular game of fight based on the navigator. Your hero creates and to fight with your opponents.

Electricman 2: Hours - Reference in line game of fight of shining type sand animation and good music. The protagonist of this game - a black man who faced several opponents. In his arsenal - strong hands and legs, and create to me - it is sufficient to repel an opponent.



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He requires: 2.3 +

Candy Crush Saga, from the manufacturers of Pet Rescue Saga & Farm Heroes Saga!

Unite Tiffi and Mr. to you Toffee in his adventure by the sweet United caramel. To happen of level 50 to unblock Dreamworld and to escape of the reality next to a called owl Odus. He changes and that agrees with its way through hundreds of levels in this delicious adventure of puzzles. It isn't the sweetest game?
Candy Crush is completely free to play, but some elements in the game, such as movements or lives extra will require the payment.
When unloading this game you accept our Terms on watch; http://ift.tt/1aYMBzU
● graphical flavorful candies that will leave you with desire of more
● Separar ambient delicious and to know the sweetest characters
● Impelling useful magicians to help with the challenging levels
● Completar adventure levels and to unblock treats
● Easy and funny to play, difficult to dominate
● Hundreds of candy levels in the United caramel - more added every 2 weeks!
● Tables of classification to see its friendly and competitors!
● to easily synchronize the game between the devices and to unblock characteristics of the complete game when it is connected to Internet

What has again
It has a new update than now it can continue with the sweetness and it delights with 15 new Soda water levels Swamp, our last episode!
• To connect and to combine its way until level 980 in the game, and if you are a new player see and unite you to the diversion!
• additional challenge: It gains more stars than your friendly and to become the champion of the episode!
• It unloads the most recent version to accede to the new content.

01. 100 mov.
02. Bomb delay 80.
03. Accountant of time changed to 5 minutes of all the levels of time.
04. limitless lives.
05. dreamworld Desbloqueardo.
06. Unblocked all the episodes.
07. Unblocked all the levels.
08. owl never dies.
09. Active Moonstruck until the end of the level.
11. Limitless FREE SWITCHES. (YOU NEED TO CLOSE MESSAGE to buy and to use)
12. Brush to booster available (1 time/level).
13. It always wins.
14. Car completes Jello.

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The film takes us to a place that everybody knows but that nobody has seen: the human mind. Rily, a girl of 11 years who finishes moving with her family to San Francisco, is not the protagonist but rather the scene of the film. The spectators will enter themselves in their brain and will find out how the memories form and how a mixture of five human emotions - Joy (Joy), Disgust (Annoyance), Anger (Wrath) and Sadness (Sadness) - defines the vital experiences.

Information of the film:

Title: Of the Reverse

Original title: Inside Out

Sort: Animation, Comedy, Relative

Nationality: The USA

Year: 2015

Director: Pete Docter

Script: Pete Docter

Distribution: Bill Hader, Mindy Kaling, Amy Poehler, John Ratzenberger, Phyllis Smith, Lewis Black

Information of the file:

Format: MatRoska (Mkv)

It cases out Size: 600MEGABYTE

Resolution: 632x336

Runtime: 01:26: 03

Language: English

Subtitles: Spanish


Subtitles in Spanish

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Requirements: 4.4+

Overview: Real The Microsoft Word app for Android tablets.

Word documents look to better than to ever on your Android tablet. When you edit or creates documents, you dog sees confident to you they will look exactly how you want across PC, Mac, tablet and phone. Word there are the familiar Office look and feel along with an intuitive touch experience, under you'll sees up and running in does not trick out of.
The free Microsoft Word app prograpevines to for Core experience viewing, creating and editing docs on tablets with to screen size of 10,1 inches or to smaller. You dog unlock the full Word experience with an Office 365 subscription.
By installing the app, you agree to these terms and conditions: http://ift.tt/1BtZ3j3.
Word documents look beautiful 
• Images, tables, charts, SmartArt, footnotes, equations there, nicely plow all formatted. 
• Word docs look great, just ace they do on your to computer. 
• View email attachments and Word Access documents from OneDrive, Dropbox, for OneDrive Business, or SharePoint.
• Pick up from where you left in off because Word knows what you were working on last, not to matter what device you were using.
• Print Word docs.
• Open cases out types like doc and docx.
Edit creates and to you with confidence
• When you edit to document, your content and formatting plows maintained across all your devices - PC, Mac, tablet and phone.
• Express your ideas exactly the way you want, with rich formatting including fonts, pictures, tables, textboxes, shapes, footnotes, page layout and dwells. 
• Review documents by tracking changes and adding comments.
• Simply share your work with others by emailing the document or to hyperlink.
To Microsoft Office relative experience
• It's easy to pick up the app and get started, because it's like the Word experience you already know. 
• Familiar The navigation and menu options plows built for to touch experience. Not keyboard required.
• Android tablet with to screen size of 7 inches or to larger
• OS version: KitKat (4.4.X) 
• Processor ARM based
• 1 GB RAM or stupefies
Sign in with to free Microsoft account to creates or to you edit docs on tablets with to screen size of 10,1 inches or to smaller. To qualifying Office 365 subscription is required to unlock the full Office experience. Office 365 is also required to creates or to you edit on tablets with to screen to larger than 10,1 inches. Qualifying plans include: Office 365 Personnel, Office 365 Home, Office 365 Only, Office 365 Service, Office 365 University, Office 365 Business, Office 365 Premium Business, Office 365 Small Premium Business, Office 365 Midsize Business, Office 365 Enterprise E3 and E4, Office 365 Government E3 and E4, Office 365 Education E3 and E4, Office 365 Nonprofit E3, Office 365 ProPlus, Office 365 for ProPlus Students, Office 365 for ProPlus Faculty, Office 365 trial subscriptions.
If you don't have to subscription, you dog buy Office 365 Home or Office 365 Personnel within the app. With an Office 365 subscription, you get the full Word, Excel and PowerPoint experience on Android tablet, iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, and you dog install full Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote on PCs or Macs.

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint available for Android plows now phones: http://aka.ms/worda, http://aka.ms/excela, http://aka.ms/ppta 
For Support cloud storage such ace Google Drive and Box
Word count & proofing support

This app there are not advertisements

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It requires: 2.3+

General information: to n7player is a supreme reproducer of music with innovating user interface and powerful processing of audio.

to n7player is a unique reproducer of music, with an advanced ecualizador and one of a type interface.
It includes: ecualizador of 10 bands, serious independent and acute, folders, effects of sound 3D, letters, skins, the title page of the album to downloader and manager, Lockscreens, equipment, publisher of labels, manager of reproduction list, timer of extinguished automatic. Dissatisfy yourself downwards for more!
Main functions of the music reproducer:
* To change to the multiple parameters of sound thanks to the 10 bands of graphical ecualizador (with built-in preamplifier) with many presets incorporated
* Majority of formats of audio and types of archives plays: MP3, MP4, M4A, OGG, WAV, 3GP, half-full, xmf, ogg, mkv (4.0+), flac (3.1+), aac (3.1+)
* To impel the low one or to separately reduce the acute ones with serious and acute
* Normalization of personalizable volume or to add space effects and SRS (device dependant)
* Reproduction of normal or in sequence random music, random reproduction or of repetition
* To change the channel balance (left-right)
* To keep and to recover the reproduction position
* To play with songs without interruption (way without pauses)
Multiple personalizations and options of control:
* To personalize the appearance thanks to many skins and subjects available (with a little abilities that you can even create his own one)
* To administer and to missing unloading arts album, selects better carried aspect
* To publish labels (for all the supported formats)
* To examine the library by artists, albums, songs, sorts, lists of reproduction, folders
* Folders of filter, restrict directory of the catalog to specific folders, to hide or to group of albums and artists to eliminate to maintain their clean library
* It controls your music with the panel of notification when outside the music reproducer
* To personalize the function bellboys of the earpieces to control his mp3
* Multiselect - to select several elements to create reproduction list or to add to present tail
* To create, to publish, to manage and to visualize lists of reproduction, automatic lists of reproduction (m3u, M3U8, pls support)
* A pile of options of configuration to alter and to personalize several parameters of applications
* To show inlaid letters and dear unloadings disappeared using plugin external
* Two different screens of blockade (Android system 4,0/ICS +, and ours)
* Support many applications to scrobbler
* It controls his reproduction with several formats of widgets
* Configurable timer dream goes out automatically
* To share what one gambles
Altogether with the Toasting UPNP/DLNA, the application for streaming of music, videos and photos:
* Current of audio to the other devices available in the local network
* Compatible with UPnP devices, DLNA, AirPlay and Chromecast
Some modules of this reproducer (graphical EQ, publisher of labels and explorer of folders) will be blocked after the 14 days from the date of the first beginning and will require the purchase of a license key.
music reproducer n7 has been reviewed of positive way:
http:// lifehacker.com:
“N7player makes sail by its own library and the search of music to listen to the diversion again.”
http:// reghardware.com
Score: 95%, RH Recommended Medal
“He is not frequent that I am with an application that moves a default on my telephone in a matter of minutes of my to unload it, but the reproducer of N7Player music is only an example. I believe that he is brilliant.”
_ redmondpie.com
“Elegant super Interface”
http:// addictivetips.com
“N7 is a polished, elegant and rich reproducer of music in functions for Android that promises to replace any alternative that you are hooked to the present time.”
It secured errors when trying to unload? _https: //support.google.com/googleplay/troubleshooter/4592924
You want more information? To go to our website! _http: //n7player.com

2.4.11 Beta:
- Reading of ReplayGain labels added. To qualify it in the reproduction options, and soon to use it in tracks with ReplayGain labels.

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