It requires: 2.1+

Description: Basically it is a personalizable WhatsApp where a pile of colors can be changed, sizes and many other things

COLORFUL: Basically it is a personalizable WhatsApp where a pile of colors can be changed, sizes and many other things.
Limit of EXTRA load: If the extension of the limit of load means (limit values are 16Megabyte) to send archives of video or great size.
TO SEND ORIGINAL PIC: It can increase the quality of the sent images (by predetermined resolution it is reduced to a great extent)
AD FREE: Not added like WhatsApp original
TO SHARE EXPRESS: A click can share music just by.
PARTISAN to copy/to beat: He can select the part that wishes to copy the text instead of to copy all the text and to send it to people in its contact.
CLOCK BEEN: The state of the chat screen can be seen directly.

WhatsApp Extra v1.99
TO HIDE THE IMAGE PROFILE: It can hide to contact profile photos and the photos show the agenda (it chats in line).
LOAD QUESTIONS: built-in viewfinder and subject to downloader. It verifies users of WhatsApp + in line Subjects and to apply subject if he wishes it.

How to install?
First To unload WhatsApp, besides archives APK v1.99 and to keep it in its PC or telephone.
Tome the backup copy from your chats and lists of mail.
Quitar or Desinstalar WhatsApp, that already is available in its device.
It opens file APK and to install it on his intelligent telephone Android.
Now it follows the instructions that appear in screen. It accepts the installation with the button “To accept”.
Congratulations, now installed successfully v1.99 WhatsApp EXTRA in its device.
Now To recover backup copy for all the chats and the transmitted list back.
Benefit of WhatsApp Plus and Rebirth.
* Note: It also remembers to qualify the option to install applications of third parties

WhatsApp Extra version 1.99 characteristics:
- To hide connection state
- To hide Blue of health and health seconds
- You can unload and install subjects and to change the interface version completely
- The possibility of seeing images of video, load
- To add Balkarobat messages to counter
- To add clips of audio operating without the function of load for (to breathe the breeze)
- To add conceals secret chats MS, by (to breathe the breeze)
- To add to hide the messages of function of password spoken by (to breathe the breeze)
- Icons of complete control and icons warnings
- To send the size of the videos of up to 16 megabytes
- The options of color and size total Control
- To hide to the date and the name of the copy more of a message
- It supports voice calls
- Version exceeds the prohibition the company in alwats August

File of changes
** New name “JiMODs WhatsApp”
* Reduced to 15 Megabyte.
* Fast ministry of Defense
* Many smaller changes.
* Web WhatsApp has been corrected
* Shipment of location fix
* All the Material icons Design of high quality fix
* Ui customize
* Many other changes and corrections of errors Another.

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