It requires: 4.3+

Summary: To form your own, individual and totally personalizables notifications for the incoming calls and the applications.

Energizar the brain during a hard day using the nap function of being able to form several colors customized landlords for each individual notification, to fit filters of customized contents much more and!

This application works very well with the request of adjustment of My original one (but it is of no way associated with Xiaomi). This means that always you will have the last version of My adjustment and last firmware of My band besides the characteristics of great and powerful notification of.

- Notifications application (configurable by application like good like everybody).
- Call of the incoming notifications (configurable by contact like good like everybody).
- Landlords of totally personalizable notification (including notifications of several colors, landlords of customized vibration).
- Filter of content notification (only interested in notifications of SMS for certain people? it is not a problem for My band of tools).
- is the energy characteristic of the nap (a short nap necessary? To only activate this and My band to awake to him by the vibrations when you finish rest).
- Configurable Notifications of the times and conditions (at world-wide level and by notification).
- Configuration outpost (to deactivate notifications noninteractive, shock to dismiss the nap of the energy, to deactivate in the silence way, to deactivate the screen is,…).
- It completely designs according to the directives of design of Material of Google and the best practices in the mind.
- Support to tasker (action outpost and personalizable plugin).
- Many of “that small cosas', for example, the application automatically detects the dominant color of an icon of the application Contacts with photo and preselects for you.
- It works in all the Android versions of 4,3 up to 5,1 +
- Many and many more still!

- This application is not designed like replacement for the alarms, is not possible to talk back the alarm functionality band My hardware (pursuit of the cycle of dream) in any application, please not to the low rate this application due to the characteristic that lacks hypothetical and original use My adjustment for alarms and tools of My band for the notifications.

- If you have any problem with this application, put yourself in contact with me in info@mibandtools.com before low qualification, will help him to solve his problem.

- New: new selector of color. Offering RGB, as well as ease of use geek.
- New: Adjustments of export/import (including support for memories of the cloud like Google Drive, OneDrive,…), it adds permissions card SD.
- Improvement: Adjustments bracelet battery life.
- User interface: Way of timbre retitulado to the way Normal to avoid the confusion.
- Location: Indonesian.
- Compatibility with the way priority.
- Regular Expressions for content filters.
- Lost Notifications.
- To extinguish the screen deactivates the notification of call.

This application does not have announcements



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