It requires: 4.0 +, Root

General information: VSCO Cam®. The standard of the movable photography. VSCO Cam is the form premier to shoot, to publish and to share their photographies. Available for the majority of the devices Android 4.0+.

VSCO Grid™
VSCO Cam is integrated with Commissariat VSCO Grid, a showcase of exceptional images worldwide. To find and to follow another creative worldwide and to publish its photos. Had beautiful imagery it prevails on the social influence, the number of followers, commentaries and tastes are absent of the platform.

Synchronization and to publish
It optimizes his job stream by means of the selection of photos to synchronize and to publish through devices. Tools VSCO allow the fine adjustment, with the aim of complementing, does not define, their photographies. The exhibition, temperature, contrast, to trim, to straighten, Fade, Vignette, and they more allow to define your look. It simplifies to his edition process with Copy + Paste and step To only undo.

Presets Superior
Images never are so impressive similarity. Using our innovating technology of processing, VSCO Cam produces elegant results, previously unattainable in Android.

To explore an impressive variety of predefined packages available for its purchase in the store of the App. Of alive colors to vanished black and the target, movable the best store offers presets in the market.

Before later
It compares his original image with the version published simply maintaining beaten on the image in the edition view.

A look throws to the Library
Multiple sizes miniature allow a experience of navigation of personalizable image.

The era of the information
Easy to see its data of image, including location, date, preset used, and more.

It shares your photos to your VSCO Grid, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google, the Gallery, and more.

Stay inspired
The VSCO Journal is a great amount of original content, emphasizing creative the worldwide one.

To connect
Unite you to Community VSCO to synchronize and to publish photos through devices, to show the original work, follows other creative ones and to unload presets previously acquired. It sends his images by the opportunity to appear in the comisariada VSCO grid.

What has again

This version includes the following updates:
- several fix problems and errors

1- To install apk

2- It places the folder “VSCOCam” in /data/data/http://ift.tt/1REsZGO

This application does not have announcements

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