It requires: 4.1+

The monsters have gotten to terrify to each Earth kingdom, and the inhabitants of the town need a hero!
A hero has arrived, grasping a shield powerful and armed with magical spells to throw to the monsters and their battlements. The hero to prevail, defeating the monsters and to break the villagers?

To direct to the hero through the adventure, bouncing the ball the shield and in the skirmish of obstacles. To break and to destroy each brick and the point until which the mission of each level has been successful! It destroys enemy partisans, to pick up the clear treasures, levels, and to break the defenseless citizens!

- Classic of brick automatic game with a modern, movable touch!
- More than 100 challenging levels of diversion and with more in a moment!
- Many power-up spells your hero can send, who contains spectacular effects and to help his search to gain each level!
- Unique Kingdoms, each with its own subject and unique adventure!
- Founding and mini-head fights, each with a new capacity to defy its hero!
- Easy to play, difficult to dominate: He tries to secure 3 stars in each level!
- More characteristics to come!

1. limitless gems

To buy Lives, Boosters… with Gems



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