It requires: 4.4+

Description: It creates your own worlds and games carried out by more than 60 of your favorite characters of Marvel and Disney! Super Marvel Heroes come to Disney Infinity: Toy Box 2,0, with some of its favorite characters including the Avengers, Spider-Man, and Guardians of the Galaxy. Also to explore some of your favorite characters of Disney and Disney/Pixar de Frozen (Elsa & Ana), Great Hero 6 (Hiro and Baymax), Brave (Merida), Pirates of the Caribbean, Inc. Monsters, and much more!

NEW IN Disney Infinity: Toy Box 2.0
- It deals with 3 characters gratuitous - Often they turn, in order to verify to explore new characters again and to play styles.
- To construct boxes of toys faster - New tools do easier to create and to personalize their own worlds and games.
- It personalizes your Interiors - Tómelo inside and to create thematic rooms with Marvel and Disney characters.
- It plays with friendly - Connect online to play and to construct boxes to you of together toys!
- Digital 2,0 exclusive - a look Throws to the characters Tron Sam Flynn and Quorra!

Disney Infinity: Toy Box 2,0 in any place
It accedes to his boxes of toys of his movable device, PC and console. To continue right where you left it in any platform when it is connected to his account of Disney!

It unblocks CHARACTER
It uses cards with code Web from his physicists Disney Infinity figures to unblock characters in the movable game.

Mobile optimization brings the graphs and gameplay yield more close possible to a experience of the console for the box of toys!
** This game requires of until 3.4GB of space in disc.
** This game will execute on certain telephones and tablets with 4,4 Android and superior, xhdpi or of greater resolution.

Before unloading this experience, please it considers that this application contains the purchases in-app which real money that goes from $ 0.99 to $ 59.99 USD, notifications cost push to let know him when we will have exciting updates like new content, the registry to create or to initiate session using a Disney/an existing account, as well as to the publicity of the Family of Companies of Walt Disney and some third parties.

What has again:
Corrections of smaller errors and optimized yield.

* Unblocked Packs characters
Marvel Superheroes bought package
Guardians of the bought package galaxy
Characters Disney Infinity bought pack
Disney 2,0 Characters bought package
Jasmin Carácter bought
* Ways of game unblocked including
Escape of Kyln
Brave Siege Forest
Assault to Asgard
Tropical Rescue of the stitch
* Packages of bought toy vehicle
* Limitless crystals

This application does not have announcements

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