It requires: 2.3+

Submerge you in a full city of zombies and crossroad with the cars, trucks, rivers etc. To play in different surroundings from illumination while it fled.

It uses the innovating fire control and strikes the ball in a form completely free.

It deals with game of mixed Minecraft style with a mechanics fresh and intuitive. It does not hope, and to prove this game of arcade and not to stop jumping.

Main characteristics:

★ Juega in different illumination
★ Each game is different, because a generated world randomly.
★ Totally new design
★ Destruye zombies while breaking the balls with joystick
★ Compra the skins of its favorite players (soccer, tennis, rugby, basketball)
★ the tickets to gather in the way. And if you have luck also will find full ticket briefcases!
★ Cruzar wagon with automobiles, trucks and rivers without stopping jumping.
★ to beat its better score in a world-wide ranking and to maintain its score in the device.
★ Totally free!

Et cetera!
★ Machine with missions at random! You can enjoy different games and gain prizes!
★ Skins desbloqueables to carry out secret tasks!

Note: Crossy Soccer zombies is not affiliate with Mojang or Minecraft.

What has again
v1.1.3: New characters!
Way Beast, Sue Bird and Gronk: - characters Added!
- Improvement of the control lever: now the running is much more easy!
- Some corrections of errors



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