She requires: 2.3.3+

General information: Playpark presents with pride a definitive action RPG of lateral displacement fight game that continues is successful from the PC in a complete version Smartphone with all the well-known characteristics and the designs!

■ Viene with simple controls and system of automatic reproduction that supports a game on an intelligent telephone. You can amuse yourself at any time with the game in any place.
■ world Adventure colorful of fantasy in 3D. It enjoys the trip to stop the evil Elga dragoon.
■ Chosen like the hero of the dragoon: Guerrero, Magician, Thief and the form in which you like.
■ Special Development Ability and to update to an attack combined with a variety of arms different to choose.
■ Defying many missions and adventures of the hunting of special prizes, very rare weapon system and armors!
■ Lucha by glory and honor in the daily system without scales Battle League to be the strongest hero of the dragoon of the world.
■ Personaliza your appearance character in its own style with more than 200 Fashions article. It is hour to shine to your friendly!
■ Haga that their pretty ones admit that it accompanies it in his adventure. To evolve to the highest rank to obtain the most reliable friendly for the fight against the enemy.
■ diversion with your friendly in the line! With the line of the friendly list, to invite to your friendly to play and to defy them for pvp to gain a special reward.

1. Massive attacks
2. God way
3. Infinitely MP
4. Greater speed
5. It supports not root

1. To install Dragonica_1.1.11 - Playstore.apk to open and to unload the data from the game. As soon as it has unloaded, to leave the game.
2. To install Dragonica_1.1.11_MOD_DaiCaVN.apk on the other version, nonDESINSTALAR NADA



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