It requires: 2.3+

The monsters are the main subject of the new application of exciting Sigma game. Bulu Monster allows the user to become a trainer monster in Bulu Island. Sigma Game thinks that this application is going to emphasize between all the other games of monsters in the market as Bulu Monster totally puts to the user the control. In this game of roll of adventures, the user must discover, capture, fight and train to one of the 150 monsters. Bulu Monster also allows the user to participate in line with the family and other trainers, which allows to defy to its friendly and other players them of the game.

Bulu Monster was about eighteen months of work; Sigma Game has assured that the application is of the quality that the users have gotten to hope. The animation of high quality, the history of adventure, and the capacity to defy to friendly and other users in line is added to the stimulating sensation of high energy of this game.
Bulu Monster takes to the user to a unique adventure that is not available in other games of monsters. Apart from which it allows the user to capture monsters, the user can train they, also, and this is what Bulu Monster does different from the other games that can be found that way. Bulu Monster can be played in line as much as out of line, which allows the user to still play the game without access Internet, doing the game more versatile than the majority.
For facility of game, Bulu Monster it has a tactile control with a single hand it is necessary so that nobody joystick, and allows that the user is able to create the balance adapted between the control and the game of game. Another characteristic of Bulu Monster is the store in line. The store allows the users of Bulu Monster to accede to articles and special discounts of purchase, as well as the reading of the commentaries of other users and to participate in line with other competitors in the forum.
The application is gratuitous to unload and recently it has been made available through App World; that iOS has been designed for the platform.
Main Characteristics:
Bulu Monster is full of colorful monsters, carefully animated. The monsters come in different forms and sizes, and they have been designed to be attractive in view of which the game plays.
The monsters of colors including in this game are Makes sure to maintain all the involved and it jeopardize until the end. The game also includes:
- An funny and attractive line of the history that allows the user to keep its friend monster, Rania, like one of the missions
- 14 of fantasy different maps to explore
- It defies to more than 50 trainers of the APN monster
- To enable to a monster equipment
- System of codes of friend to allow the user to invite to its friendly to put the game along with them, the increase of the competitiveness and the diversion of the island of Bulu.
- It gathers more than 150 different monsters

Version 2.2.0
- New event
- New monster
- correction of errors



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