It requires: 2.3+

Description: Have you liked to play Police VERSUS Thief? Then, what about changing the papers and, this time, being in the other side of the law? Instead of at random playing a police persecuting a thief, will become the thief to itself! What incredible one is that?

To lead as fast as is possible, and to be the best pilot never: the police forces are right behind you, and it does not go to leave you go away so easily!
Whereas you are being persecuted by all the city by the forces of implacable police, its objective is very simple: to escape of them, which is! The search is of now, and are only two completions: its arrest or its escape!
Like in each persecution of cars of high speed American-like, our game I throw to you in epic and surprising persecutions of high speed. The adrenalin, the driving of vehicles at full speed, the accidents and the accidents, the action is nervous and full of challenges!
Who no, in fact, dreamed about these cars of high speed of persecutions can be seen in this sample available in the television, in which one of the witnesses activities spectaculary high speed, that can even last hours! This is what our game, Thief Police VERSUS, offer: the sensations and the diversion of activities, challenging and out of breath realistic
Do you think that their experience and its abilities are sufficiently high like escaping of the police forces? Then, please, test our game, and to demonstrate, you can be surprised!
The main characteristics of our game:
- Way of dynamic game
- graphical of good quality
- The increase of difficulty
- Many cars to play
- Sensation of speed, and the nervous challenge

This game has been proven in:

- Samsung Galaxy S3
- Samsung Galaxy S4
- Samsung Galaxy S5
- Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0
- Nexus 4
- Nexus 7 2012
- Meizu MX 4
- JXD S7300

What has again
- Cop Is now less nervous:)
- It would have To execute in smartphone really better slow
- To make more money in each level
- Optimization For slower devices



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