It requires: 4.0+

Description: More than 130 monsters to catch and Evolve!
To explore a Massive World Open!
There is Barras of no energy, without delays!

Embark you in a trip by the world of Zenith. Turn you into the part Evoker superior by means of the capture and fighting more than 130 types of I create!

Ponte on approval in Sands, and their form of work until the Coliseum! In the way, you will be able to fight against the sinister plan of the ominous organization, Shade beehive!

- More Than 130 monsters to capture and to evolve!
Animated monsters and characters - Totally
- An enormous open World to explore, where they ramble of I create
Epic adventure - more than 40 hours of duration
Multiplayer - Cross cross-platform
- Challenge Other evocative ones and to become in the last masterful Evoking!
- To personalize Your movements of I create, characteristics and abilities to adapt to his own strategy!

You have what it is needed for being a Teacher whom it evokes?

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