It requires: 2.3+

Description: Everything depends on you to construct to a new village them Pitufos to call to house.

NOTE: Smurfs' Village is free to play, but it acquires real money for the additional content within the application.

Gargamel finds the village of the Pitufos and along dispersed to the Pitufos and width. With the guide of Pitufo Papa, it is called on you to construct a new village of the Pitufos to call to house.
Based on original of the comic strip and the humorous art, the players begin the game with a single house of the mushroom and a plowed solitary Earth parcel. From there, the things progress quickly, which allows the players to construct specialized houses, gardens made with cultures of colors, bridges to cross the rivers that, well-worn ways, and more.
- The creativity is the only limit, to construct to the village a complete Pitufos 'from zero.
- It plays with your favorite Pitufos including Papa Pitufo, Pitufina, Sluggish Pitufo, Pitufo Baby, Pitufo Carpintero and Jokey Smurf!
- Smurfberries buys through purchase in application to accelerate the growth of its cultures and the town.
- It plays mini games like baking game Greedy de Pitufo and Poción de Papá Pitufo Mezcla game!
- Connect to you with friendly through Facebook and to send gifts to the towns of his friendly!
- To in line play… to at any time administer its town without having to connect itself to Internet.

What has again
The Swoofs Consigue with style in this update!
- Welcomes to size Pitufo to the Swoof planet to unblock a collection of pretty hats your Swoofs can use!
- Space Hut de Place Cobbler Smurf to dress your Swoofs in the new fashion footwear!
- To complete Hut Swoofy Wonder of Swoof Adviser - the huge mansion Swoof a Swoof has seen!
- Exciting new Articles come to the store Peculiarity by a limited time.
- New articles in this update are to sew pretty, have to you in stitches


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