Requirements: 2.3+

Overview: Explorer+, to no-nonsense practical File manager.

- Browse you case out and folders (Browsing root and hidden systems you case out available on rooted devices to under his privileges)

- Standard cases out and to folder operations: cut, Copy, graze, rename, delete, make new to folder.

- Zip and unzip you case out

- Decompress gzip and to rar you case out

- For Search you case out and folders

- Simple and intuitive GUI

What's New

-2.3.2 Fixed crash on start-up to do with Google licensing service on Android 5

This app there are not advertisements

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It requires: 1.5+

Description: Radardroid will give a visual and audible warning when it approaches a fixed or movable radar in the data base of the application.

This application will reduce possible fines by speed thanks to the increasing functions available. Please, it visits our gratuitous application Radardroid Lite to know our applications.

If you want to help us to translate Radardroid to its own language, please, únase in http://ift.tt/1cCUyJP

What has again

Application of closing solves bug when are the types of radar

This application does not have announcements



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It requires: 3.0+

Description: ExaGear RPG is an emulator of Android that allows to execute games of PC in the Android devices.

ExaGear RPG is the version of movable ExaGear with the personalization of controls for the roll games. NOTE that are no games is including in this request and this application does not work without its own archives of PC games!


The present controls are customized and adapted it stops:

• Fallout 1, 2 (“Ferrum” controls is recommended)

• Might and Magic I SAW, VII, VIII (controls are recommended “Magnesium ')

The list of the proven and adapted games will increase.

For more details it visits http://ift.tt/1cjvuDG


• NONGAMES INCLUDING IN THIS APP! YOU MUST TO OBTAIN his copies with license of games for PC of a legal way.



1. You must have a copy with license of the PC game. To install it in its PC.

2. To move the folder of installation of the game from its PC to ExaGear folder in the root of card SD commits of its Android device.

Folder of installation of the game is the one that contains the EXE file of the game. This folder is normally in C:\Archivos of program or C:\Archivos of program (x86).

3. If you have a version of the PC game that requires a game CD to be in the CD unit when it gambles, then please to copy archives from the CD of the game in its Android device to the folder that contains the EXE file of the game.

4. To open ExaGear RPG and selects the EXE file to execute the game.


• It is recommended warmly not to execute the versions located under the emulator, since they were not tried.

This application does not have announcements


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It requires: 2.3+

Description: The new episode Larva Heroes 2 has been set free.

System of Car-battles has been applied to reduce the game of the fatigue.

★ ★ daily Event

- We will give gratuitous coupon for 100 daily people through book of the face.

- You can obtain a gratuitous magical caramel coupon 1000 and 300 000 of gold.

- It is only possible to be raised of level is the scene way.

- The way of Jail, can be played hero to take the four friendly.

- Heroes and friend of the hero can fortify to step 6.

- You can obtain a “cake of the fortune” through way scene.

- If he opens fortune cookie, he can obtain gold, article, candies magic.

- It is possible to be seen the total rank and the weekly rank in the main menu.


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Requirements: 4.0+

Overview: Download up to three you case out simultaneously

- download up to three you case out simultaneously;

- accelerated download by using multithreading (9 parts)

- interception of links from to browser and clipboard;

- icon of the program and downloading progress in the notification panel;

- backup list of downloads and settings on SD card;

- completion notification by sound and vibration;

- or summarizes to after reconnection program restart;

- folders knows different cases out types in different;

- built-in browser for sites with registration;

- plan you case out download on to schedule;

- widget on your home screen;

- site manager;

- and many dwells…

Add links from to browser:

- press on link and from the window “Completes action using” select ADM (supported by Stock Browser, Dolphin, Boat Browser, Chrome)

- long press on to link to display the context menu, press “Share link” and from the window “Share via” select ADM (supported by Firefox, Skyfire, Browser Stock, Dolphin, Boat Browser)

- Copy the link and the service will interCEPT the link (supported by Maxthon)


- press on the download to start/stop the process;

- press on the completed download to open the cases out;

- long press on download to display the context menu.

YouTube is not supported to under the rules of Google.

What's New

Updated top menu.

Flat dialog boxes.

This app there are not advertisements



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It requires: Android v2.3.3+ and ROOT

Description: Greenify License Patcher will provide a Fake License to him What the App will think is genuine for always and it is possible to be updated, Thus is Of Store Play and the license will be for always.

- To provide genuine License.

- They are not needed to apply a new patch.

- Once patched Its main Link2SD App can update from Store Play Usual Ace AND LICENSE will be for always for any version.


- V2.3.3 Android OS and + Demands


1. Make sure that it has installed Greenify main App only From the store.

2. Make sure that Greenify Donation Key is not installed.

3. It presses Patch Button and to allow ROOT Access, Will be patched.

4. Now you will see Greenify Donation Key installed in Panel of Applications not open it, to open Greenify main App and to go to Experimental Features and soon you will see gives it to license Error In the Part Inferior De Yellow Caja to ignore it.

5. Now to return to the Patcher and to click in Activating and if you luck that will have a license and can be activated all the experimental functions Now.

6. Now DESINSTALAR the Patcher Later LICENSE to verify because it did his work and to say that it is thankful to him.

7. If the Patcher Trabajó then without patching and you can again update as usual from Store Play and Fake license will be for always.

8. It remembers not to desinstalar the Greenify Donation Key.

9. Recuerdr I cannot work it in all the devices, so it does not blame this is due to me to different configurations.

10. Good luck… “);

- This is free if you paid please not screw oneself!


Changes v1.1:

- Fix FORCE Close Issue For Some Firmwares For Example CyanogenMod 12 Which Happens When SuperSu App Not Found Like SuperSU is Integrated In Privacy Gaurd In CyanogenMod Under ThatsWhy Patcher FORCE Close AT Startup When SuperSU Not Found Now I Fixed It/Thanks lolcocks For Testing:)

** Lea Cómo to use first in the App **

This application comes without announcements



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