It requires: 2.3+

General information: to n7player is a supreme reproducer of music with innovating user interface and powerful processing of audio.

to n7player is a unique reproducer of music, with an advanced ecualizador and one of a type interface.
It includes: ecualizador of 10 bands, serious independent and acute, folders, effects of sound 3D, letters, skins, the title page of the album to downloader and manager, Lockscreens, equipment, publisher of labels, manager of reproduction list, timer of extinguished automatic. Dissatisfy yourself downwards for more!
Main functions of the music reproducer:
* To change to the multiple parameters of sound thanks to the 10 bands of graphical ecualizador (with built-in preamplifier) with many presets incorporated
* Majority of formats of audio and types of archives plays: MP3, MP4, M4A, OGG, WAV, 3GP, half-full, xmf, ogg, mkv (4.0+), flac (3.1+), aac (3.1+)
* To impel the low one or to separately reduce the acute ones with serious and acute
* Normalization of personalizable volume or to add space effects and SRS (device dependant)
* Reproduction of normal or in sequence random music, random reproduction or of repetition
* To change the channel balance (left-right)
* To keep and to recover the reproduction position
* To play with songs without interruption (way without pauses)
Multiple personalizations and options of control:
* To personalize the appearance thanks to many skins and subjects available (with a little abilities that you can even create his own one)
* To administer and to missing unloading arts album, selects better carried aspect
* To publish labels (for all the supported formats)
* To examine the library by artists, albums, songs, sorts, lists of reproduction, folders
* Folders of filter, restrict directory of the catalog to specific folders, to hide or to group of albums and artists to eliminate to maintain their clean library
* It controls your music with the panel of notification when outside the music reproducer
* To personalize the function bellboys of the earpieces to control his mp3
* Multiselect - to select several elements to create reproduction list or to add to present tail
* To create, to publish, to manage and to visualize lists of reproduction, automatic lists of reproduction (m3u, M3U8, pls support)
* A pile of options of configuration to alter and to personalize several parameters of applications
* To show inlaid letters and dear unloadings disappeared using plugin external
* Two different screens of blockade (Android system 4,0/ICS +, and ours)
* Support many applications to scrobbler
* It controls his reproduction with several formats of widgets
* Configurable timer dream goes out automatically
* To share what one gambles
Altogether with the Toasting UPNP/DLNA, the application for streaming of music, videos and photos:
* Current of audio to the other devices available in the local network
* Compatible with UPnP devices, DLNA, AirPlay and Chromecast
Some modules of this reproducer (graphical EQ, publisher of labels and explorer of folders) will be blocked after the 14 days from the date of the first beginning and will require the purchase of a license key.
music reproducer n7 has been reviewed of positive way:
http:// lifehacker.com:
“N7player makes sail by its own library and the search of music to listen to the diversion again.”
http:// reghardware.com
Score: 95%, RH Recommended Medal
“He is not frequent that I am with an application that moves a default on my telephone in a matter of minutes of my to unload it, but the reproducer of N7Player music is only an example. I believe that he is brilliant.”
_ redmondpie.com
“Elegant super Interface”
http:// addictivetips.com
“N7 is a polished, elegant and rich reproducer of music in functions for Android that promises to replace any alternative that you are hooked to the present time.”
It secured errors when trying to unload? _https: //support.google.com/googleplay/troubleshooter/4592924
You want more information? To go to our website! _http: //n7player.com

2.4.11 Beta:
- Reading of ReplayGain labels added. To qualify it in the reproduction options, and soon to use it in tracks with ReplayGain labels.

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