It requires: 2.3+

After the exhausted shopkeeper sounded the last client and left the empty place now, a noise tumult took place.
The objects that make noise were the following.
The table to cut to call “Jo”, who was once shoots with an arrow,
The called boat “I saw” that it was shuriken Japanese recycling name brand.
And the called knife “Lime” done of metal of one bleats.
Its wonderful history approaches!

“As you know, once she was…”

The REDDEN history begins with the chat of tools in evil been.
It is a tool that includes from the antiquity to the modern times, as it shoots with an arrow, shuriken, and the bullet to make insufficient characters in a hero in the legend!

Ninth, Ready Top “Prize gamein”, 2015
The first “Open To listen to Final Ready Day” of 2014
Selected like “impressive project Unit with Indie ', 2014
137% of excess of accomplishment of the objective amount of financing Multitude “Tumblbug”, 2014

# Beautiful and only world that symbolizes a phase of the object
33 diverse fields of the history of the antiquity, the modern Middle Ages and times that the tool backs down!
You to explore unique images of the world tools can recognize at the moment.

# simple Control, the necessary thing is its rapidity
You become a tool and must shoot to the objectives like mounting the wind, avoiding and breaking the obstacles at the moment.
He drags the screen or to incline the device to control characters very intuitively!
You do not lose. What is necessary is only its rapidity.

# Destroy! And you are going to follow ahead!
If the speed rises to the maximum mounting the wind, the ability can be used.
The ability destroys obstacles using.
It maintains destroying and to come to retire the final destiny in the episode!

# Usar inherent unique abilities by three heroes correctly!
Unique abilities of Jo, I saw, and Lime that the game is to play diverse.
To enter pieces at full speed during the rotation, to use the ability transformation, and to operate its environs.
Its excellent capacity and trick will complete more shining episodes.

# Ensue and mysterious episodes
The action and the introspection of the tools that were developed as to come with stages it takes to him to an unpredictable history with beautiful illustrations in movement.
What history will be hoping to him at the end of the chat of long tools?

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