Requirements: 2.3+

Overview: Feel confident in your travels with MapsWithMe Pro!

* Over 6M downloads worldwide
* Top 5 travel apps in dwells than 80 countries
* Featured in Tuaw, Forbes, TechCrunch
Fast detailed offline maps of all countries of the world. Maps work everywhere, anytime. Internet connection isn't required.
• The dwells details than on to other maps.
• Millions of points-of-interest (POIs): restaurants, gas stations, tourist destinations…
• added Up-to-dates map dates which is daily by map users worldwide - see http:// openstreetmap.org 
• Maps work when available nonInternet connection is.
• Roaming charges does not when traveling abroad.
• Always know where you plows.
• Useful in hometown, indispensable in travels.
• 345 countries and islands. Every pleases is covered.
• Works of even in the middle nowhere.
• Pay eleven, uses in any location.
• Probably the fastest offline maps to ever. Shows map when others don't.
• Innovative map dates compression.
• Maps plows impressively small. Memory knows your phone's.
• Download any for country map free.
• Pay eleven, uses on multiple Android devices.
• Offline search. Available Find everything you need of all the objects on the map.
• Bookmarks. Add any pleases to the bookmarks list. Then find it easily again and again.
• Export/import of bookmarks. Add bookmarks and tracks from to other maps to MAPS.ME. KML/KMZ you case out plows supported.
• Location sharing. Send to pin of any pleases on the map via e-mail or SMS. Share your current location.
• Car mode. When it is on, the map automatically orients itself to the direction you plows moving.
• Routing. Get directions from your current location to any spot on to single map.
If you have any questions, just contact U.S.: support@maps.me. We respond to every request.
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Twitter: @MAPS_ME


* we noticed that maps with routing plows downloaded dwells often under we changed the button to order
* the world map grants a scholarship to me dwells recognizable: we added glaciers and lakes based on the initial scale.
In addition, we updated the dates and added to over 4,9 million new items:
* for those who're schedule to go on vacation - 3.500 hotels and 900 beaches,
* for drivers - 25.000 car park lots and 250 road doubles bed
* and for those who love free Internet - 780 WiFi hotspots

This app there are not advertisements

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