He requires: 4.0+

“… A fantastic double wood game that will do that any fan happy” 148apps.com
“… Guardian of the Light settles down a new standard More or less… an exact port of the title of XBLA and PSN” Gamefront.com
“It is a joy” to gamesmaster

The delay finished! Lara Croft: Guardian Light of is, and so awarded unballastable of action/the adventure in the palm of its hands here.

An incredible adventure BEGINS

Unite to you deeply to Lara like adventure in the forests of Central America in search of the Mirror of Smoke, a powerful device of a lost age. The one that handles this subject that provides the future of the humanity in its hands, with the power to release to the world of the light. With the mirror now into the hands of Xólotl, the God of the Darkness, Lara and Totec, the Guardian of the Mirror, must until the dawn to defeat it or to sink once again to the world in an era of darkness.

• The action of fast rate/adventure game
• Impressive surroundings
• resolution of puzzles Centered
• Updates of the player and desbloqueables arms
• Graphs of high resolution with quality of console

What has again:
Textures of hi-res and the user interface
Multiplayer Co

It discovers greater movable games of Square Enix and great supplies, besides the last updates of games, advice and much more!

What has in this version:
Correction of smaller errors.

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