Requirements: 4.4+

Overview: Real The Microsoft Word app for Android tablets.

Word documents look to better than to ever on your Android tablet. When you edit or creates documents, you dog sees confident to you they will look exactly how you want across PC, Mac, tablet and phone. Word there are the familiar Office look and feel along with an intuitive touch experience, under you'll sees up and running in does not trick out of.
The free Microsoft Word app prograpevines to for Core experience viewing, creating and editing docs on tablets with to screen size of 10,1 inches or to smaller. You dog unlock the full Word experience with an Office 365 subscription.
By installing the app, you agree to these terms and conditions: http://ift.tt/1BtZ3j3.
Word documents look beautiful 
• Images, tables, charts, SmartArt, footnotes, equations there, nicely plow all formatted. 
• Word docs look great, just ace they do on your to computer. 
• View email attachments and Word Access documents from OneDrive, Dropbox, for OneDrive Business, or SharePoint.
• Pick up from where you left in off because Word knows what you were working on last, not to matter what device you were using.
• Print Word docs.
• Open cases out types like doc and docx.
Edit creates and to you with confidence
• When you edit to document, your content and formatting plows maintained across all your devices - PC, Mac, tablet and phone.
• Express your ideas exactly the way you want, with rich formatting including fonts, pictures, tables, textboxes, shapes, footnotes, page layout and dwells. 
• Review documents by tracking changes and adding comments.
• Simply share your work with others by emailing the document or to hyperlink.
To Microsoft Office relative experience
• It's easy to pick up the app and get started, because it's like the Word experience you already know. 
• Familiar The navigation and menu options plows built for to touch experience. Not keyboard required.
• Android tablet with to screen size of 7 inches or to larger
• OS version: KitKat (4.4.X) 
• Processor ARM based
• 1 GB RAM or stupefies
Sign in with to free Microsoft account to creates or to you edit docs on tablets with to screen size of 10,1 inches or to smaller. To qualifying Office 365 subscription is required to unlock the full Office experience. Office 365 is also required to creates or to you edit on tablets with to screen to larger than 10,1 inches. Qualifying plans include: Office 365 Personnel, Office 365 Home, Office 365 Only, Office 365 Service, Office 365 University, Office 365 Business, Office 365 Premium Business, Office 365 Small Premium Business, Office 365 Midsize Business, Office 365 Enterprise E3 and E4, Office 365 Government E3 and E4, Office 365 Education E3 and E4, Office 365 Nonprofit E3, Office 365 ProPlus, Office 365 for ProPlus Students, Office 365 for ProPlus Faculty, Office 365 trial subscriptions.
If you don't have to subscription, you dog buy Office 365 Home or Office 365 Personnel within the app. With an Office 365 subscription, you get the full Word, Excel and PowerPoint experience on Android tablet, iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, and you dog install full Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote on PCs or Macs.

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint available for Android plows now phones: http://aka.ms/worda, http://aka.ms/excela, http://aka.ms/ppta 
For Support cloud storage such ace Google Drive and Box
Word count & proofing support

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