It requires: 4.2+

Description: The sequel of Barcode Kingdom has sent finally!

Teleport to a jail, offering a bar code as a sacrifice to a portal of bar code!

We are going to be a legendary hero of the world!

“Barcodia”, the world is done of magical powers, was calm and beautiful, but the power of the evil struck the world, the Earth became useless emptiness and began infest with the monsters. Barcodians that the life means are threatened was decided to hunt monsters to gain the life. And then, a day, they were with a portal to a jail and constructed a city in all the portal.
“The city of bar code” is one of the cities done this way.

Be the horseman a legendary could hero of the world in this city?
Now it is the moment for scanning a bar code!

60 types different from monsters
The growth of the city with the Horseman
Enchanted articles powerful
System of Transformation: Possibility half of creating million different styles hero
Mercenary system: Fight with a mercenary against monsters
System of Forge: To update and to enchant to its articles to the Forges
System of Quest: It provides a search hourly
The random dungeon: Available to use without a bar code
The door of the other world: The direct door to the base of the monsters
The daily dungeon: It finds out the daily dungeon and to obtain an enormous advantage every day

What has again:
A shock problem has been corrected
To add to a hi-res icon
To change to an icon of classification and an icon profit

This application does not have announcements

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