It requires: 4.0+

General information: It makes dragoons and see them grow from small babies in enormous, beautiful creatures.

Race species of unique dragoons that use those that already it has. To construct and to develop to your sanctuary dragoon in the flying islands.

Characteristics of the game:
- Complete Surroundings 3D and camera of rotation
- Many of the unique and diverse dragoons
- The battles with other players
- Purchase new islands to extend its sanctuary
- Visit islands of its friendly and to interchange gifts
- Profits and tables of classification

What has again:
*** *** AMULETS
It still more makes his armor hard by means of the insertion of the element Amulets! They offer unique advantages in the battle - the opportunity to deal with the double damage, to recover the health of their dragoon much more and!
New characteristics:
- The system of gifts has been modified.
- Element Amulets for armor improvements.
- New building - fundidora - it has appeared.
- New events and supplies.



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