It requires Android:

2.3.3 and versions superiors


Simpson Springfield is a game for IOS/Android in which you create your own Springfield. The buildings that you construct are to you giving money and exp periodically with which you are buying but buildings and raising of level, are special objects and buildings that are bought with doughnuts which gain raising of level or buying them with real money. In agreement you are advancing are appearing new characters who have different missions in which they give money you, exp and special objects. Adding to friendly podras to visit its town and to gain money and exp being made win it to also, part of special objects.

New features:

Homer Simpson has invented a so dangerous, wild and confused sport that only could exist in digital format.

He reunites and he trains a team of sport citizens and challenges to your neighbors to parties of tocabol, where the only rule is that there is an interminable list of them (because Homer does not stop to invent them)

With new buildings, characters, decorations and missions. The hour arrived to lie down a PARTY in Springfield!


- Infinite Doughnuts

- Infinite Money

- Anti they go

- Purchases free

- The existing doughnuts will remain

- It works in Krustlyland

- It works after all the updates within the version

- It works with and without Origin account

How to install?

1. To unload the 5 parts (4 of 10 Megabyte and one of 161 KB), to keep them in the same folder

2. To open arhivo “TSTO_2015_07.7z.001” and to extract in any location (to use 7-Zip in Windows or the ZArchiver in Android)

3. Desinstalar any other version of the game

4. To install apk (sources unknown” qualified in unknown configuración>seguridad>fuentes must have the option “)

5. To open the game and to leave update

6. Ready, hack has settled

How to activate the purchases free, doughnuts and ilimitad@s money?

To buy or to construct something, for example to plant a tree or to construct a building

How to obtain you donate permanent?

Whenever they obtain you donate with mod activated gain some permanent bonds of doughnuts, that still follow with the original game






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