It requires: 4.0.3+

Description: I know the captain of an expedition to a distant planet in a new multi-sort of the games overproduction of an eminent developer!

Action without precedents, RPG and strategy in a game! An enormous world, of more high level of graphs and a countless number of possibilities! It feels the new experience of game right now!

- Fight against your enemies in real time, using a unique system battle! It shoots to the enemies, seeing his movements in perspective! Although it has strength of an action game, the system battle is easy to dominate and it does not require ray reactions.
- To construct a base and to protect it of the attacks with a fortification system. Next, it uses the accumulated technological power in the battle!
- Terraform the planet! Unique technology extraterrestrial civilization is in your hands! It turns to the Earth without life in green oases with his unique flora and fauna!
- To construct an installation to work continental ballistic missiles to crush enemies as large as a skyscraper!
- The world of one of the most important parties of the history of Android Planet Explores Utopia hides many surprises! It discovers all secrets during exciting adventures!
- To develop and to equip your character to defy the most dangerous inhabitants of the planet!
- Fight in company of allied faithfuls, among them the dog called robot Fido!
- Vacations to open the storage to find valuable resources! It multiplies his wealth by means of the opening of electronic locks with a special interface.
- Communicate with his allies and enemies! An equipment of confidence of 4 follows to him from the beginning of the adventure. In his trip one will be with tens of characters, to whom it is possible to be spoken and to be fought with

1. Infinite gems
2. Infinite energy
3. Infinite resources
4. The infinite ammunition in the battle
5. The Infinite ammunition
6. NonGrenade Cooldown
7. NonHeal Cooldown
8. limitless Aimshot
9. limitless PSY Strike (if it has one to use it without limit)
10. Faster level arrives
11. Anti-they go

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