It requires: 2.1+ | ROOT | Mod Google Play or Lucky Patcher

Description: Powerful reproducer of music for Android. PowerAMP is a powerful reproducer of music for Android.

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Please, it consults Questions/following Answers Common in the description.

Basic characteristicses:
- Mp3 Reproduces, mp4/m4a (including ALAC.), Ogg, wma *, FLAC, WAV, APE, wv, tta, mpc, AIFF (* some WMA archives Pro can require support NEON)
- 10 of optimized band ecualizador graph for all the supported formats, presets, customized preadjustments
- Powerful separated Bass and fits of acute
- Extension stere, mixture of monkey, the balance
- Crossfade
- Without pauses
- Increase of the repetition
- It reproduces the songs of the folders and the own library
- Dynamic Tail
- Letters of support, including letters search to traverse musiXmatch Plugin
- Independent Embed and archives .cue of support
- Support to m3u, M3U8, PLS, ready WPL of reproduction
- Based OpenGL animation art of the cover
- Unloading lacks art of the album
- Customized visual Subjects, many skins available in Reproducing
- 4 types of widgets with many selectable styles, personalization outpost; Android widgets of the screen of blockade 4.2
- Configurable Screen of blockade
- Support of earpieces, To resume automatic by earpieces and/or BT connection (it is possible to be deactivated in the configuration)
- Scrobbling
- Publisher of labels
- Exploration of the fast library
- High level of personalization through the adjustments
This version is of 15 days of test with all the functions. To see Applications related for PowerAMP Full Unlocker Version or to use the option To buy in PowerAMP surroundings to buy the complete version.
Common questions/answers for PowerAMP v2.x:
P. My songs are not in folders/library.
A. Please, makes sure that it has all the folders with music really invoiced to PowerAMP Adjustments => Folders and folders Library => Music.
Its original library of Android does not change nor eliminates any file.
PowerAMP library is an independent library, totally independent. When it installed PowerAMP 2,0, sd only filled with the archives scanned from the card/another flash memory, like specific in the music folders.
P. too low volume. The volume changes strangely. Other questions of volume.
A. Tries to deactivate direct Gain control in Audio PowerAMP Adjustments => => Advanced Tweaks.
PowerAMP 2.x uses direct gain control of form predetermined in 2.3 + devices of upper middle range a. In ROMs of values this produces exit of audio far better. But many ROMs customized/with errors, whereas support DVC, can fail with her.

Instructions of installation:
- To install “PowerAMP Apk”.
- To execute the reproductive PowerAMP of music and to leave scan all the archives of audio next, to leave.
- To install/To execute Lucky Patcher, to find the application, maintains pressed envelope he and selects customized patch.
- In the list of customized patches to select “patch_ren.by.ra to mzezzz_com.maxmpz.audioplayer”.
- To hope Until the process of application of patches is fact and to send the application.
- Benefit the complete version and does not screw oneself!

This application does not have announcements

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