Requirements: Android 2.3+

Overview: The Most Trusted Automatic Android Call Recorder App On the Planet!

Call Recorder | Recall total by Killer Mobile ®

Congratulations you've just found the most trusted Android Call Recorder App on the Planet! Total super Recall is simple to uses and you have been engineered to probidet the most Stable & available Reliable call recording. Most competing automatic call recorders only record calls from your device's microphone - AT very low volumes (if AT all) - our app record from both sides of the line on dwells devices than ANY competing Call Recorder, and there are since 2004.

“May I first say wow, amazing app” - David

“For Love the app and thanks the awesome to customer service and quick replies.” - Jim 

“Thank you very much you're awsome. I love the app it's the best call rec solution I found” - Yaniv 

“I've to been wanting thank you again for being such to cool company. With all the Comcast incompetence lately, it reminded me of the usefulness of your app. I used it with Adobe to get to refund on an incorrect product from them. After telling them the call was being recorded I had to very apologetic manager on the line and the refund was donates in you make a draft.” - Berton 

Total 30 for Recall is free days, then will sees limited to recording calls for 1 makes a draft until purchased. Why Pay? Excellent Support. Frequent Updates. Zero Intrusive, Privacy Killing Ads which you find in EVERY to other competing Call Recorder.

Every Call Recording Feature You Need 

~ Audio Send Recordings to your favorite Cloud Services: 
+ Gmail + Google Drive + Box + DropBox + Evernote + SoundCloud
~ Supports AMR, WAV, 3GPP & MP3 format (this is the ONLY Call Recorder officially licensed to uses the MP3 codec)
~ Record Calls Selectively (automatic call to recorder, manual, widget, incoming, or outgoing)
~ Password Protection
~ Supports 20+ Languages

Possible Two-sided conversation recording is not on every device & is sometimes needed. Below is to partial compatibility list.

~ nonRoot Required ~

Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge
Galaxy Note 4
LG G3 (including Lollipop/5.0)
HTC One (M8)
Samsung Galaxy S5 (SM-G900F, SM-G900T)
It notices 3 (5,0 pre-kit kat & 4.4.4 & Lollipop)
Galaxy S4 (i9500 & i9505), S4 Mini & S4 Advance
S3 (i9300)
Many Sony Xperia models
Motorola G (pre 4.4.2)
& It dwells

~ Root Required ~

It notices 3 (4.4.2)
Nexus 5
U.S. S3 & S4 Models
Sony Xperia M/V/T
& It dwells

Compatible Full Device List: h ** p: / http://ift.tt/1eBC68U

Just to another Killer App by Killer Mobile®

What's in this version:
Please check the “About” menu - > “for Update Notes” option to comprehensive list of recent updates!

- Fixes M8 video/to recorder issue

- ALSA rebuilt and reworked for Lollipop, backwards compatible with to older OS versions.

- MP3 library rebuilt for Lollipop

- Added S5, Note4 to ALSA recording list (supports Lollipop)

- Bug Fix: Prompt knows delete confirmation now respects the setting

- Lollipop fixes for Call Screen widget showing again

& It dwells…

You notice:
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