It requires: 4.0+

Description: Photoshop Mix makes transform and improve its images on the fast and simple march.

It trims and to combine images, to change the colors and to at any time improve his photos and in any place. It shares your creations with friendly and to send them to Photoshop CC in the writing-desk for the advanced creative edition.
• To cut and to clear sections of its images or to combine several photos.
• It fits the colors and it contrasts or to apply predefined appearances (filters) of his images. To improve the complete image, or only one part with the touch of its finger.
• Nondestructive edition means that their original photos remain virgin and virgin.
• to easily share fast and its creations in social means.

To connect itself to Creative Cloud
With Creative Cloud, it can open and publish archives of Photoshop in Mix and send compositions of CC Photoshop for more refinement-layers, masks and everything. Or opened and to mix images of Lightroom and to directly send to its Lightroom Collections. Creative Cloud also allows him to use the functions of Photoshop CC in Mix. And all editions synchronize through all the equipment and devices. It makes a change on his telephone, that is going to appear in the writing-desk. Tome its photography still more with the plan from Creative Photography Cloud.

Register yourself to obtain one YOU GO inside of Adobe Photoshop Mix free. Services in line of Adobe, including the service of Adobe Creative Cloud, are available for users majors of 13 years and only require inscription and acceptance of additional conditions and the policy of privacy in line of Adobe in http:// http://ift.tt/1Q8O9qH. Services in line of Adobe are not available in all the countries or languages, they can require the registry of the user, and can be subject in return or cancellation without previous warning.

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