It requires: 4.0+

Description: The last incorporation to the popular series of RPG intelligent telephone finally is here!

CHAOS RINGS general Information
CHAOS RINGS is a saga of roll on complete scale for the devices smartphone that were introduced for the first time anywhere in the world in 2010. Like part of a continuous series, CHAOS RING OMEGA was sent in 2011, followed of Chaos Rings II in 2012. The rich world of the game, deep history, and the sound track of high quality has been praised anywhere in the world, registering more than 1.1 million unloadings through the series. To day of today, CHAOS RING firmly holds their position like best series RPG available for smartphones.

· History/World
There, in the blue star, he is everything what desire.

In the high continent floating in the sky, you can find Nueva Paleo. Explorers of all the flock from the Earth to this city center, whom they look for to fulfill his dreams and desires. But this is not more than a brief shutdown before its trip to its true destiny, the blue blue marble planet.

Unexplored earth, hidden treasures, monsters, legend… everything an adventurer could wish could be found in this one planet.

The protagonist lives in the outskirts with her sister, who lies down to the cattle ranch of the family. One night, taken by a mysterious voice, knows a beautiful woman, who says to him thus:

“You must go now. Blue Marble, the chispeante mother blue planet, hopes.”

Worlds not yet discovered, treasures that fulfill their wilder dreams, mythologies lose in the pages of history… a great trip, the dream of a thousand of years, is on the verge of beginning.

What has again
Thanks for its patience and understanding, and we hoped that it continues enjoying playing CHAOS RING III.

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