It requires: 2.3+

Description: For the hundreds of million fans worldwide, with thousand of million of the fruit in slices - thanks for its incredible continuous support! You have made Fruit Ninja one of the most popular games for all time!

To play Fruit Ninja like never before! We have reconstructed the legendary game of cuts original of the Earth for above, the addition of new gameplay and fresh characters for the new and existing fans the same!
In the major besides Fruit Ninja from their launching, all the Blades and Dojos now have a unique effect in the game. Want do ten fruit Great Wave? Dismissing clouds fall doesn't a fruit? Tornado eddies for epic stands for casks? Mixture and combines its equipment, to experiment with all the powers and to find what works for you!
To be united to the action they are new characters of the wonderful world of Fruitasia. Katsuro and Mari will guide to him during the game as nascent fruit without quarter grows from a lout machine to cut!
Slice of fruit, not to cut the pumps - that is everything what needs to know how to begin with the addictive action Fruit Ninja! From there, to explore the shades of Classic, Zen and the ventilator of favorite Arcade way to extend its abilities. The slice by a high score, uses power-UPS and special bananas for the maximum effect, and they become crazy in the grenade multicuts.
There has never been a better moment to play Fruit Ninja, to pull out of a scabbard its sword and to see what there is again in the game that began it everything. This continues being only the principle - we cannot hope to that everybody to be united!

This game contains optional purchases in-app. It can deactivate this function in the menu of configuration of his device.
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This update includes several corrections of errors and smaller improvements. As always, to maintain the votings that come!

1. advantage Stand for casks
2. bond Time
3. vida bond
4. time bond Plum
5. bond Frenzy
6. bond opportunity of Frenzy
7. To qualify magnet fruit
8. To activate pumps of pixels
9. To activate fruits dragoon in the arches
10. To qualify pump baffle plate
11. To qualify plums blackhole
12. Max bond bombing
13. easy factor bombing
14. Always critical
15. slower fruits
16. gravity defying fruits 'cuz why not
17. general fruit multiplying probability
18. Multiplying Starfruits

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