Requirements: 2.2 +

Overview: Nostalgia.NES is to high quality NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) and emulator Famicom based on the most up-to-dates revision of the famous FCEUX. 

- Modern, cool-looking & to user friendly interface 
- Virtual customizable Highly controller! You dog adjust the size and position of each button to suit your needs. 
- Game progress saving and loading - 8 manual slots with screenshots & an autosave slot. Share knows states among your devices via BT, mail, Skype etc. directly from the app. 
- Rewinding! Got killed by to bad guy? Never mind! Just rewind the game to couple of seconds back and try again! 
- Wi-Fi to controller mode! Several This unique feature allows devices to sees connected with each other. Turn your phone into to wireless gamepad and play your favorite to multiplayer NES games with your friends. We support up to 4 players! Learn dwells: http://ift.tt/1Ji0nx8

- Zapper (light gun) emulation 
- Turbo buttons & A+B button 
- Pal (Europe) /NTSC (the USA, Japan) video modes support 
- Hardware accelerated graphics utilizing OpenGL IS 
- 44100 stereo Hertz sound 
- Hardware keyboard support 
- Screenshots - easily captures an image of the game any tricks out of during gameplay 
- GameGenie and raw cheats - cheat uses special codes to make NES games even dwells fun! Learn dwells: http://ift.tt/1cB6Ki5
- NES and ZIP cases out support 

ROMs does not plow included in the application. 
Some public domain (freeware) games dog sees found AT http:// pdroms.de 
It pleases your ROMs (zipped or unzipped) anywhere on your SD card - Nostalgia.NES will find them. 

This is the lite version of Nostalgia.NES. It is ad-supported and some features (manual progress saving/loading and game rewinding) plows enabled only when ads plows displayed (IE. the Internet when you plows connected to). We do not want to disturb you during gameplay - ads will does not see displayed when to game is running. 

Tested on: 
- HTC Desire S 
- HTC Desire HD 
- Nexus 7 
- Nexus 10 
- Asus Transformer TF101 
- Huawei Ascend G300 
- LG Optimus 2x 
- Sony Xperia P 
- Sony Xperia Arc 
- Sony Tablet S 

Do not hesitate to you send bug reports, suggestions or questions to our email. 

We plows in not way affiliated or endorsed by Nintendo or Nintendo of America. “Nintendo” is to registered trademark of Nintendo of America Inc. 

This app there are not advertisements



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