It requires: Android O/S: 4,4+ Tegra 4

Description: As it appears in TegraZone and with more than 50 games of the concessions of the year and higher the MetaCritic score of any game of PC!

Winner of the multiple game of the Prizes Decade, Half-Life 2 offers a surprising level of realism and capacity of answer, opening the door to a world where the presence of the player affects to everything what it surrounds to him, from the physical surroundings in the behaviors - even the emotions - of friendly and enemies.
The player gathers the handle again of the investigating scientist Gordon Freeman, who is in an infested foreign Earth took shelter until the bones, his exhausted resources, the diminution of his population.

• The digital actors: The experience of the most sophisticated in the game characters always was witnesses.

• Advanced AI: Friendly and enemies to evaluate the threats and the arms of the fashion than are in the hand.

• Impressive graphs: incredibly realistic surroundings and special effects.

• Physical gameplay: Objects obey to the laws of the gravity, the friction and the bouyancy.

It plays in NVIDIA SHIELD.

What has again in this version: (Updated: 28 of May of 2015)
Support SHIELD Android TV
Improvements of user interface
Ampler locations

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