It requires: 1.6+

Description: It administers your own farm during the training of his horses of races to win in great in exciting races!

To construct to facilities of formation like courses of earth and the swimming pools in the middle of the beautiful natural environs of its farm. To increase the fame of its farm and to attract the visitors to happen a little graze in the comforts of its farm, as put of ice creams and gift shops.
It finds the horses with the correct combination of the resistance and the speed and the intensity and to enable them to compete. To continue gaining races to gain greater and better prizes, as well as the capacity to compete in great and still more exciting races in the international scope.
To once send great horses of races to stallion. It finds effective combinations purebred and to raise a new generation of colts with talent.
You can train a winner of the Triple Crown and bring fame and glory to your farm?

Infinite money
Its progress will be in the beginning of the game.

This game does not have announcements



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